A Taxi Driver – Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry

A Taxi Driver - Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry

He was carrying a sickly unconscious woman who had two poor children to an emergency ward of a πŸ₯ hospital. Their forms seemed to be like begging. The doctor saw the patient and spoke.

” Women have a 🧑 heart attack. If no immediate help is given, she will die. For immediate treatment A lot of money πŸ’° is needed,” the poor children began to 😭 cry. The person sometimes sees the doctor, sometimes the patient and sometimes the children.

” What is the relation between you and her?” The doctor asked, looking at the person in πŸ€” confusion.

” Nothing. I drive a taxi. I saw him lying on the road; These two children were sitting beside him, 😒 crying. I have brought them here in sympathy. I give what is in my pocket; you treat it.” He took the money out of his pocket and put it on the table. The doctor looked at the πŸ’Έ money and said with a smile.

” Man! It’s a small amount of πŸ’Έ money. Need lots of πŸ’° money” He was looking around in frustration. Sometimes looking at the sky, sometimes toward the walls. Suddenly a glint 😲 appeared on his face.

” Dr. Sir, you save her life. This is my πŸš• car’s papers guarantee. I’m coming in with money πŸ’Έ now.”

The taxi driver has gone. The doctor started first aid. After a while, he returned with πŸ‘¬ two men.

” Doctor, I’ve sold a πŸš– taxi. Don’t worry about the πŸ’Έ money,” he said, giving the paperwork to those who came along. Realizing the situation, a cheerful young man standing nearby began to ask.

” What does this lady look like to you.”

” I don’t know who it is. But there is a relationship that makes her life more important than my job. What about a πŸš• taxi, I’ll take it for rent and earn if she dies so that these children will die alive. What will I show Allah my face on the Day of Judgment that I loved my taxi πŸš– more than the life of a human being? “
People who came along were counting money πŸ’Έ and listening to my story.

” You put your πŸ’Έ money back in, let the πŸš• taxi stay with him. I pay for the treatment.”
Said the πŸ‘¨πŸ» young man.

” No, Man! The deal is done. We are not taking a πŸš– taxi, and we are giving πŸ’Έ money. Not for a taxi πŸš• for the treatment.
Both people speak one language.

” This old man has gone so crazy at that age, who would give him a taxi for rent. We came to the city to make πŸ’Έ money. He was selling a taxi πŸš– for half the price. We had double profits. Now we will make seventy times profit. Not money either, even a good one.”

They got their money on the table and said
” Doctor sir, call us at this number if you needed more πŸ’Έ money for the treatment.” Giving his card to the doctor, he left the πŸ₯ hospital. The taxi driver was crying.

” Man, Allah did not like my πŸš• taxi. The man with the money πŸ’Έ took virtue. I was poor and empty-handed.

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