Airselfie2 flying camera rewiew

Airselfie2 flying camera rewiew

Airselfie2 flying camera rewiew
Drone camera

there’s a camera on it it’s a drone a
what a flying camera. this my friends is
the air selfie two flying camera. it’s a
revolutionary flying selfie camera that
fits right in your pocket .

it connects right to your smartphone to take
pictures of the thing that’s most important you in this world you this thing was designed with you in mind literally it’s like a stick list selfie
stick this little dude was the brainchild of a toy manufacturing company out of Milan .

so you know it’s gonna be cool the air selfie too has a design that the oversaturate drone market is yet to tap into selfie drones. alright so I looked up some selfie stats they’re a little bit sad for humanity instagram has over a thousand selfies
upload every 10 second.

According to an article i found by AOL calm Millennials are expected to take around 25,000
selfies in their life they’re gonna need one of these and what have we had to take all these selfies so far we either hold the camera with our arm and we use a selfie stick or as I like to call it a narcissist one

and you’re gonna get made fun of a views that in public because those definitely aren’t cool but this is this one a red dot design award best of the best in 2018 designed in Italy the lightest and thinnest flying camera app controlled 16 gigabyte microSD card.

Included goes where you go fits in your pocket weighs 2 point 8 ounces 2.8 ounces that’s nothing that’s like a big sip of soda I can’t wait any longer this is quality packaging you can tell right off the bat bucks in a box got a little magnetic flap here oh my god is tinier than I thought it’s so smallerr – selfie coin purse I know

it looks like a coin purse but the drone actually goes in there look at that that’s how small it is here’s the drone here is a business card it’s not much bigger than a business card this thing is epically small now because the thing is so light.

you don’t want to fly it and win not because this is a subpar product but because of physics it’s literally like a leaf in the wind there’s your USB type-c connector onthis side there is the camera

on the other side and there’s your four brushless motor turbo props on the bottom you have an on/off switch an altitude sensor and a stabilizing camera.

alright great little intro video so before I let my narcissus flag wave freely I need to put a little charge of this thing so we can take it for his
first flight alright so here we are in an undisclosed hangar and notice there’s an ice King Air 350 right behind me.

There’s absolutely no wind in here I got all the lights turned on so it should be good enough to get some great shots with the air selfie let’s give this thing a shot in here shall we alright so just
open your air selfie app like this now there’s three different modes to use the air selfie – that’s easy medium and expert.

I prefer to stay on medium because it gives me the most control but makes it the simplest to fly you push this button right here to change between camera and video mode if you hold down on this center button you can use the
gyroscopes to fly the drone around slide your thumb up to go up slide down to go down and left and right accordingly and

then use the gyros in your phone to control the location of which way this fly that makes sense it takes a little bit of practice but it’s actually pretty
easy alright so here we go this is the shot from the air selfie – you can see how clear it is I’m gonna get a nice shot with this King air behind me

hold down the launch button and it’s flying now notice I just fly the drone around with the  controller if I go that way it goes away from me this way goes towards me side to side I can go up if I slide my thumb up go down and rotate
that’s it super easy so you guys are seeing right now

now I’m hands-free I’ve let go I can hit this little face button so now I’ve hit the face button you see that so I’m not even controlling this and if I move around this drone will follow me face tracking all automatic really amazing go back this way I’m gonna go and fix switch this to selfie mode and I can see.

the shot right here so let me get it lined up
that looks like a cool picture you can’t get a shot like that you can even get this thing and take it up
higher now to land it just bring it down and then hit hold the landing button land right in my hand.

this my friends is not designed to compete with a drone this is a flying camera it’s gonna class all of its own .this is only two point eight ounces it’s
tiny it’s light you don’t even need to register this
thing with the FAA anybody can buy this and fly it using their smartphone now

there’s a little bit of a learning curve on the air selfie too just like there is with any device you’re not gonna go out and fly your phantom 3 flawlessly the first time you get it just like you’re
not gonna fly the air selfie too.

flawlessly the first time you get it .it’s gonna take a little practice but trust me you’ll get it it’s designed to be easy it’s way easier to fly than that
King Air I’ll tell you that now it was really stable and rock-solid when I was flying it around 5 feet but when I got up high like 15 20 feet I guess it kind of lost sight of the ground and it started to drift a little bit but it was nothing that I couldn’t correct easily.

using the controller so if you want to fly you got two options a few million for that or 200 bucks for this see how affordable that is and when you’re done with this little dude you just throw it
right in this little leather pouch zip it up right in my pocket so let’s get out of this chilly hanger get back to the studio for some final thoughts all
right so before we hit the studio I just decided it’d be a good idea to try to get an elevated shot so we’re here with my son Barron you guys know him and

we’re going to go up on this playground set here and see if we can get an aerial shot this is a shot you wouldn’t normally be able to get using a regular camera so let’s try it you want try it Barron okay let’s go up here all right.

so we’re up on this playground thing here and we’re about we say 8 feet in the air this is not a place I would normally be able to take a shot this
would be about the extent of it so let’s try out the air selfie and see if we can get a better picture of Barron and I up on this playground all right
Barun look very come here

all right so once again we’re just going to land this right in our hand get it right where we want it and drop it right into our hand so that worked pretty well to do a selfie shot from this elevated
position hmm all right now let’s get back to the studio all right some final thoughts on the air selfie too .

so if you’re looking for a drone this isn’t what you want if you’re looking for something portable they can go in your pocket that you don’t have to register that you can take to a party bust out
take a nice selfie of you and your
friends that’s what you get now to have a flying camera that has a 1080p 12
megapixel camera riding on board.

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