Alp Arslan episode 9 in urdu subtitles free

Alp Arslan episode 9 in urdu subtitlesMeanwhile, the Queen is passing through the corridor of Alia Palace. At that moment, when he comes out of the Sultan’s room, he falls asleep in front of him. Seeing the Sultan, the Queen says.

The Sultan must have the Turkan woman There would be a good reason for this but she left the palace without my permission. The Sultan says to Ghusl. If today the Sultan’s wife can leave the palace without permission, then who will we leave the palace to trust?

The Great Seljuk season 2 Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle

If each If he had done his duty well, it would not have been an accident. By saying this, the Sultan goes ahead. On the other hand, the Prime Minister goes to Madrassa and welcomes the present Darwish Prime Minister.

Alp Arslan episode 9 in urdu subtitles
Alp Arslan episode 9 in urdu subtitles

As soon as he enters the madrassa, the Prime Minister sees the papers of the book drowning in a pool of water. The Prime Minister gets upset when he sees this state of the papers. And say who made the condition of the book papers?

Alparslan episode 9 in urdu subtitles

Says a dervish on it. Newcomer Abu Hamid Ghazali asks the Prime Minister. Why did they do that?. Jesus’ dervish remembers the moment when Hamid Ghazali was sitting by the pool reading a book. And those who read the page would be thrown into the water.

Abu Hamid Ghazali said to Dervish’s surprise. I am reading the sayings against the scholars that they write leave unanswered questions. Their loss is more than benefit. Those who cannot interpret hearts are all cleansed of water by listening to all this The Prime Minister asks.

Where are you Ghazali? So Darwish says the questions of the devotees have been heard in the field of Isfahan. Hearing this, a smile comes to the Prime Minister’s face and she leaves.

Here is a thing in the field of Isfahan He is trying to mislead people through his false beliefs while the head is also present there. Meanwhile, Abu Hamid comes there and with his scholarly arguments proves all this false.

alp arslan episode 9 urdu

The Indian runs away in secret while the Indian chief goes ahead and says to Abu Hamid Ghazali Mashaullah Isfahan is not your rival scholar. Abu Hamid Ghazali says where you belong. I belong to Nishapur. And my name is Abu Hamid Ghazali.

He hears this and says things. He is very happy to meet the scholar like today. He said that the Indian head leaves in a great rage while seeing the distant Sanjar Abu Hamid Ghazali and shaking his head with love.

alp arslan episode 9 in urdu

And then I say to myself, You have made your pen like a sword. In the palace, the Sultan is sitting on his throne, and Amir al-Tabr stands before him. Amir al-Tabrir says that esoteric entered my palace and my two prisoners. Has redeemed my daughter and made her unconscious.

The Great Seljuk Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitle
The Great Seljuk Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle

Their territory is what the empire has done for them. I have come to get your permission to punish them and I ask the Prime Minister to defend them so much. The Prime Minister says on why he is doing. He has already killed a man of Badis.

Alp Arslan episode 9 in urdu subtitles

If he had killed these two prisoners too, there would have been more unrest in the Sajuk Empire.Sultan Amir al-Tabr says that after all these accidents, instead of cooling the matter, he came to me to get permission to invade the Badi area.

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles

Such permission cannot be granted at all. Jaber Amir al-Tabr says. I heard the sword against them I am Sultan. Now you want me to put it in the office. What is their significance compared to a loyal rich man like me? The Sultan calls it that.

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