An 18000-year-old ‘dog’ discovered from Siberia

An 18000-year-old 'dog' discovered from Siberia

An 18,000-year-old puppy has been discovered in Siberia, one of the coldest parts of the world, for which researchers are trying to find out if it is a wolf or a dog?

He died at about two months of age and has been astonishingly safe for centuries in Russia’s icy plains. Even the hair, the skin, the nose and the teeth are safe.

The puppy's teeth and moustache are in a safe condition
The puppy’s teeth and moustache are in a safe condition

Scientists have compared its DNA to other known animals, but have failed to detect the species. Scientists say the animal is likely to be related to the evolutionary evolution between wolves and modern dogs. Through the use of radiocarbon dating, scientists find out how old he was at the time of death and how long it has been frozen. His genetic analysis revealed that he was a male.

Dave Stanton, a researcher at Sweden’s Center for Paleogenetics, told CNN that failure in DNA sequencing means that the animal is likely to belong to a common breed of dogs and wolves.

He said, ‘We have already received a lot of data, and with so much data, we hope to find out if it is a dog or a wolf.’

Lou Dillon, another researcher at the centre, tweeted a question as to whether the animal was a wolf or ‘possibly the oldest dog ever discovered.’

Scientists will continue sequencing its DNA and believe the results can tell a lot about the evolution of dogs. The puppy is named “Dogor” which means ‘friend’ in the Yakut language spoken in Russia. Also, it is a preliminary part of the Question (Dog or wolf?).

Modern dogs are believed to belong to the breed of wolves, but it has been debated as to when humans started to adopt dogs. According to a study published in 2017, humans must have performed this process 20,000 to 40 thousand years ago.

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