AWS Managed Services: Optimising Cloud Management with Staff Augmentation


As the developments in technology advances and people demand more data and faster services from the cloud, managing such cloud infrastructure becomes quite challenging. Meet AWS Managed Services (AMS) – a powerful service aimed to provide a perfect management of your AWS environment. But that is not all, especially if one is to consider staff augmentation as part of the tale. Ready to dive in? Now let us discuss how the AWS Managed Services change the business processes and how the Staff Augmentation is involved in this process.

Understanding AWS Managed Services

AWS managed services lay centralised on six focal points which are as follows:

AWS Managed Services refers to a series of administrations conveyed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offer exhaustive administration of your AWS environment. It intends to bring efficiency, standard, and create reliability and security for managing the cloud resources.

Key Features and Benefits

Automation: Saves time to manage the cloud as most of it will be done automatically.

Security: Introduces effective concepts and regular checking of compliance.

Cost Optimization: Helps users to optimise and contain costs relating to cloud usage.

Compliance: Helps also to ensure that your infrastructure complies with the set legal standards.

AWS Managed Services Offerings

AWS Infrastructure Management

Monitoring the status of your cloud environment and its performance and providing availability and performance related service by automating the cloud resources setup and management.

AWS Application Management

They take the overall responsibility for the implementation, management, and maintenance of your applications to let your team think of new ideas.

AWS Security and Compliance

Has strong security programs and regularly monitors for compliance to ensure client’s information is secure and in line with the law.

AWS Cost Optimization

Provides a brief and a list of resources to help with tracking your cloud costs so that you can make the most of your spending.

Why to prefer AWS Managed Services?

Reliability and Performance

AWS managed services makes certain you have constant access to your cloud environment and the best performance in order to minimise the client’s wait time.

Scalability and Flexibility

It is flexible to grow or shrink the infrastructure depending on the requirements hence it suits the growing business.

Expertise and Support

Inability to consult with AWS specialists who can continue to assist and advise you on your cloud setting to produce operationally efficient results.

Implementing AWS Managed Services

AWS managed service is one of those services that are offered by Amazon web service for organisations to solve large management problems and to lessen their load.

First, you need to examine your current state in the cloud and determine which specifics of AWS Managed Services might be useful for you. To support its clients AWS has created a standard procedure of introducing new employees to the company.

Integration with Existing Systems

With AWS Managed Services, one can manage it together with other mechanisms to achieve better and efficient cloud management.

On the Aspect of Staff Augmentation and AWS Managed Services

Definition of Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing means that the organisation hires outside consultants to supply specialised services for the in-house employees. This approach means that you have adequate skills to deal with complicated cloud space.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Expertise: Implementing specialised skills and information on and off the job.

Flexibility: Behaves as a flexible team with an ability to expand or reduce your staff depending on the project requirements.

Cost-Effective: To do this, avoid the long-term costs that come with full employee hiring synonymous with employing full time employees.

How does staff augmentation complement the AWS managed services?

It is with the help of staff augmentation that the extra specialists are obtained that are necessary in order to receive the greatest effect from the usage of AWS Managed Services. It ensures that problems in the management of the cloud environment are minimised and hence reduces the possibility of making mistakes or facing downtimes.

The Real Life Use-Cases on AWS Managed Services and Staffing Solutions

Case Study 1: An e-business is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services through electronic means.

An e-commerce firm adopted suitable AWS Managed services by which it enhanced its infrastructure to enable it to have high availability during the shopping festive seasons. This situation was complemented by staff augmentation, which meant that specialists could be hired when more support was required to manage the new workload.

Case Study 2: To identify the health-care sector, the following parameters had been evaluated as follows-

A healthcare provider had to meet specific compliance legislations and the organization used AWS Managed Services as the solution. Staff augmentation, herein directed bringing in of additional security professionals to boost the already existing data safety and privacy policies.

Case Study 3: Financial Services;

One of the queried companies used Managed Services offered by AWS to lower the costs and increase productivity. Staff augmentation was beneficial to them as it allowed them to implement the features of advanced analytics and machine learning into the cloud.

Some of the Best Practices for Adopting AWS Managed Services and Staff Augmentation selecting an AWS Managed Service

Evaluate your company’s requirements and select the AWS Managed Service options that will fit your strategy. Examples of deliberation criteria may include things like efficacy, safety, and price.

Effective Staff Augmentation Strategies

Find out areas that a particular team is weak and then hire professionals to address them. Obtain synergy and coordination of effort inside and outside the organisation for the most favourable outcome.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Addressing Integration Issues

Integration might present some difficulties but to address the situation AWS Managed Services provides tools and services to solve problems. Testing schedules and testing validations can easily improve and correct the main problems that have been detected.

Overcoming Security Concerns

Security is paramount to AWS Managed Services as it offers services to multiple online businesses. Appropriate measures need to be taken to avoid high-risk errors and adequate safety measures should be taken to secure the data.

Managing Costs

AWS Managed Services does offer solutions, which enable the users to save money but the controlling of the expenses is crucial and should be done on a regular basis. It is posited that the bulk of the costs can be well managed or controlled through regular audits or adjustments.


AWS Managed Services provide an end to end solution for your cloud solution needs, and help in attaining consistent reliability, security, and reduced costs. When integrated with staff augmentation, it guarantees that your cloud environment is properly managed, which frees your business to concentrate on the development of your organisation. Thus, the relevance of adopting those services will become even more essential as cloud technologies further develop in the future.

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