B2Trader v1.1 Update: Introduction of BBP Prime, Customisable Templates, Enhanced Reports, and iOS Compatibility

B2Broker is pleased to announce that the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), a comprehensive solution for crypto spot brokerage, has been significantly updated to version 1.1. This latest update introduces BBP Prime, includes an expanded report feature, and provides customisable layout templates.

In addition, B2Trader now features a dedicated BBP iOS mobile application. As part of the turnkey solution, this application integrates seamlessly with the B2Core CRM and features a native trading interface specifically designed for iPhone users.

BBP v1.1 Update: What’s Changed?

The B2Trader version 1.1 update introduces several innovative features designed to enhance clients’ benefits and improve the trading experience for their end-users.

Prime Brokerage Platform – BBP Prime

This update introduces BBP Prime, a new feature that allows the platform to function as a prime brokerage hub for other B2Trader brokerage platforms. Linked platforms can maintain and replenish their balances on BBP Prime, which then manages and supervises them across associated accounts on liquidity providers (LPs).

In this setup, BBP Prime is responsible for monitoring balances on brokers’ accounts, processing incoming orders, routing them to LPs or B2Connect, and managing trades. Data exchange is facilitated through a customised FIX gateway.

New Features for Admins

The latest version introduces a flexible and user-friendly workspace customisation feature for BBP administrators. Brokers can now personalise workspace templates, including setting a default preset that automatically launches when a trader first accesses the trading terminal. Administrators can import pre-saved layouts, export their custom template settings, and save up to ten unique configurations.

This new feature is conveniently located in the Settings section of the left-hand menu.

Improved Reports to Keep Admins Informed

The recent update enhances the B2Trader platform’s reporting system, providing brokers with a comprehensive overview of platform activity. Specifically, a new report type has been introduced that allows administrators to generate a list of active accounts for a specified period. These reports can serve as valuable tools for assessing an exchange or brokerage’s growth.

The updated B2Trader conveniently consolidates all reports under a new Report button, simplifying report generation and access.

Superior Account Management

In B2Trader 1.1, traders can select their accounts directly from the Trading terminal’s top bar. When a trader switches profiles, all widgets automatically adjust to display relevant information for the selected account. This feature is particularly beneficial for those managing multiple accounts, enabling them to monitor performance efficiently and easily.

Advanced Workspace Management

The latest terminal update introduces customisable workspace tabs, allowing traders to open and manage up to ten different trading environments simultaneously. Users can utilise pre-configured layouts provided by brokers or create their own custom setups. This feature transforms how end-users organise their trading flow, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

New BBP iOS App — Expanding the Turnkey Package

According to the Stock Trading and Investing Applications Market report, mobile trading has experienced significant growth, accounting for 58% of revenue share in the global trading markets in 2022. This trend is anticipated to continue, with the sector projected to grow from $39.8 billion in 2023 to $150 billion by 2032.

With 6.8 billion smartphone users worldwide, smartphones are increasingly integral to trading activities. Consequently, modern brokers must offer a dedicated mobile version of their trading platform to remain competitive.

In response to this trend, B2Broker has expanded its BBP turnkey package by introducing the BBP iOS app, version 1.0. This app offers all the functionalities of the desktop trading platform, optimised for a superior mobile experience. 

Brokers can offer their clients a comprehensive trading package by providing a robust web trading platform alongside a dedicated mobile trading application.

Key highlights of the app include:

Seamless Authentication with B2Core

The BBP iOS application is seamlessly integrated with the mobile version of the B2Core CRM, offering single sign-on capabilities. Once users log into the B2Core mobile application, they can directly access the BBP iOS app without re-entering their credentials.

Account Management and Easy Access to Balance Data

Multi-account functionality is a crucial feature of the B2Trader platform. The BBP iOS app allows traders to switch between accounts effortlessly and start trading from any of them immediately. On the Account Details screen, the app provides a clear overview of available and on-hold funds for each account, offering traders an instant balance snapshot.

Versatile Market Screen and Extensive Order Options

The BBP iOS app features a flexible Market screen with an intuitive trading interface, accessible via the Markets button on the Account Details screen. Users can customise real-time charts, switch between candlestick and line charts, and access historical price data. The screen also includes three tabs for quick access to trading and account information: Order Book, Open Orders, and Balances.

The BBP iOS app offers the same array of order types as its web counterpart: IOC and FOK for market orders and IOC, FOK, GTC, GTD, and Day for limit orders. The Orders section provides comprehensive details, including order types, prices, quantities, and execution times. Advanced filters enable traders to locate specific orders efficiently, streamlining order management.

Customisation and Themes

As part of the turnkey solution, the B2Trader iOS mobile app enables brokers to customise the platform’s colours and themes to harmonise with their web design and branding, ensuring a consistent user experience across both web and mobile trading platforms. Additionally, the app offers light and dark themes, allowing traders to select their preferred mode for optimal viewing and trading.

Final Thoughts

The release of the B2Trader Brokerage Platform update and its dedicated iOS application represents a significant milestone for B2Broker and its clients. B2Trader is the ultimate trading platform for crypto spot brokers aiming to enter or expand within the market. It is available as a turnkey solution or can seamlessly integrate with any CRM through REST API.

Potential users are encouraged to explore the new B2Trader update to experience its latest features firsthand. The B2Broker team stands ready to provide demonstrations and detailed information about their products and services for inquiries or assistance. 

Continual efforts are underway to introduce new updates and enhancements, promising more exciting developments in the future!


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