Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles. Forced on this he says I will never forgive you, tell me what you want from me, Patro says we will take you to the city of pop in Rome and after reaching there he will tell you in detail

what you have to do for him And hearing that he will do everything to fulfill your every dream, Abu Muhammad says that I will never serve the pope, then Patro says that your words or your wishes do not matter.

When we get there, we will make you in such a condition that I am sure you will find great pleasure in serving the Pope and joining our cause.

Barbaroslar Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

After this, Abu Mohammad is taken from the front of their ancestors. And says at night we will take Abbu Mohammed to Rome but Urooj must have swung into action to take him.

Our ships will not be able to tolerate such attacks, sir. So Patro says I have already resolved this issue this night. Silve will solve the matter for our sake. On the other hand, Patro’s soldier Alphe tells Selvio, Patro sir wants you to get the warship ready immediately.

He is going to take the book and Abu Muhammad to Rome. On this Silvi asks why do you need a warship? While they can also take them both from the ships they have. In response, the soldier says that the Turks can attack us on the way.

Just to futile their attack. Immediately get Unita’s warships ready and send them all to Jazeera-e-Karpatos so that they will wait for Patro Saheb there. Silvio then asks why only Carbatos Jazeera? Why not?

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

So he says because Patro sahib does not want Unita’s warship to be seen in Kalymnos. He will take them to Rome from Jazeera-e-Carbatos. And then finally agrees.Barbaroslar Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

On the other hand, there are more prayers of martyrs in the forest. And then, after leaving the prayer, the dervish says, martyrdom is a very auspicious and high time. The martyr appears in the court of Allah Tala after decorating the wound on his body like a tag, many people look at the martyrdom with full eyes.

May Allah have mercy on the souls of our brothers. Amen, then says Urooj. They are now on their journey to the Hereafter. And it is our responsibility that the purpose for which these martyrs have been martyred is to reach them well and with due diligence.Barbaroslar Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

Makki Tv Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu

Their blood should not go to the ground, our heads will be stronger than before and our hearts will be stronger than before. On the other hand, Jafar is playing gambling in Sarai’s food and so on and comes there and directly grabs his tomb and then when his companions proceed to save Jafar.

Ilyas and Khizar close their mouth, this Uruj asks whom did you tell that we are going to take Abu Muhammad, on this he becomes ignorant and says, I do not understand what you are muttering on this.

The people of mine killed the soldiers like my brother, I will cut your meat into pieces instead of everyone’s life, tell whom did you tell but still he refuses that Uruj slaps him hard and after that Silvio Comes there and with this,

he starts looking carefully at the gold kept on Jafar’s table, then Selve f Shouting says who are you, coming to my hotel and doing such an act says in response this dog gave someone that we were going towards Abu Muhammad,

because of this we were ambushed and some of my soldiers After this, a scene is shown through flashback in which Jaffer Selve was having a conversation with the soldiers,

he has learned something from them and then while telling the whole story, finally says that he had to go somewhere immediately. And everyone will go together.Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

On this Selvioon guesses and says that there the Sahib has gone to take Abu Muhammad and according to your knowledge, surely he will also go to the side of Abu Muhammad, kept under his protection.

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

We have to stop them immediately. Then as soon as he came out of the scene, Silvio says that the sorrow of death has taken away your wisdom, he has not told anything to anyone, he is telling himself, then Urooj says that you are also one of the reins of this dog.

So not that he told you and you acted accordingly Silvi on this Silvio says you are really mad, stop accusing this and leave my hotel, Urooj says ok I am going but still I think that Jafar must have done this work. As soon as he said this, he grabbed Jafar and cut off a finger of his hand.

And then says that from now on, wherever you have a hand in committing a traitor, I will cut off your fingers, then he says through syphilis, now I have cut his finger and when the time comes, the fingers of his owners will also be cut off, saying that he leaves from there.

Everyone comes to see him and presents him on his behalf and says that he is very sad to hear about the accident that is happening, then thanks him and then asks if I can help you in this matter,

then he says We have to know that what people will do with the book and Abu Muhammad, then it is said that works with the people of Punetas too and of course you know them if you can get any from these things, then tell us this issue is very important.

Hearing this, Izabel says that I will try my best and whatever I know, I will inform you immediately, after that, coming near on the way, tells that Hirabai has come to her senses, Baba, hearing this, Uruj tells his brothers that you guys are that girl.

Investigate more from the person who is in the house, he has spent a lot of time imprisoned in it, find out if he can let us know. or not and I am going to meet Hirabai maybe Abu Muhammad can help us to get the book and after he leaves hotel some gold was kept on Jafar’s table,

that gold seems a little familiar to me Today is your day, do an investigation with Jafar by any means, find out from whom he took this gold, then every day he walks towards the hotel saying that I will be very happy to do this Baba Aruz, on the other hand,

Makki Tv Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu by Vidtower

something in Ezabell hotel She is reading the papers and in this Gollam gives her a document and says that Silveyo sahib has said that this document should also be entered in Unita’s record, then Izabel reads it and says that it is about a warship and Unita is on her own.

Warships don’t do it easily, where will these warships go, Gollum says I don’t know about this nor have I been told about it, Izabel says okay you can go, and then about where the ships will go On the other hand, Jafar is getting beaten up and every day whoever asks, let me tell you with which gold you are.

I have gambled, where did you get it, then Jafar says that it is my gold, since when have I been telling you, people, do you keep an eye on the of others also on this and those who then start beating him and Tries to make him spit it out but still he doesn’t tell and finally horse

who says that he is going to bite Jafar’s second finger by saying that he is a gambler and a liar from above, then Jafar finally tells out of fear.Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

He gives that he has taken that gold from a man named Euro, on the other hand, Ezabell is trying to find information in her father’s room she is looking for warships where those ships will go and finally, she finds it Then while reading it, she says that these ships will first go towards Jazire and then from there towards Rome.

Barbaroslar Episode 10 In Urdu

happens and Silvio says that he should not have any knowledge that the warships are going towards Karbhotos Jazire and not Izabel because I doubt her too, she will try her best to help again, then after not finding it on the table,

she says that she should have been inside these papers, after that she starts searching everywhere and finally she checks in Izabel’s cupboard too.

He only happens that he stops and says that it was not so important, we will prepare another new one, after that he leaves from there and in this way Izabel is saved from being caught, on the other hand, he would have been talking to Hirabai.Makki Tv Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu

Hai Hirabai says that the Sultanate will also keep an eye on us from now on because we cannot save Abu Muhammad, if you do not solve this issue, then I may lose my head, so it says that there is only one way to solve this issue but To hit with a mighty blow.

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We cannot ask Kilis for a ship again, so if the Sultanate specials a ship for us, then I will bring Abu Muhammad. On this Herabai says this is impossible.Vidtower

As long as you are in the eyes of the Sultanate, it is a matter of far away to give a ship, they will not give you anything even for two pennies and I cannot help you in this matter either. So Russia says then the Sultanate itself should step in and attack.

Hirabai says on this but if the Sultanate returns empty-handed after attacking there, then Pope and Kalim will stand against us. And the Mamluk Sultanate would never like this.Makki Tv Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu

That is, Urooj sir, you cannot expect help from anyone except yourself. Either we will find and bring Abu Mohammed or the sword of the Mamluks will come down on all of us. After this Uruz leaves from there.

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