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Barbarossa Episode 8 In Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 8 In Urdu.Close to the beginning of this scene, Petro explodes with Radko and says, “How did the Arooj suffer?” So he says when our slaves came to kill them, precisely without one moment to speak of someone came to help them. As of now, the AroojF is going to Alexandria.

My fundamental request to you was to kill Arooj yet you failed. Antwan says that this misunderstanding will not happen again. Petro says to both of them: Do you know how you can help me? Departure sight. Get the portion from here.

Barbarossa Episode 8 In English Osman Online

Arooj, etc on the other hand have shown up at the port of Alexandria. At the same time, Hamza, Ishaq, Desbina Zainab, and Adelina are similarly there to welcome him. The height is composed by the eyes of Ishaq Agha.

That was the point at which he obtained some much-needed education and he could embrace and accept his kin, John. The fight continues since Isaac spreads the two of his arms. Besides, Arooj quickly accepts his kin. Dear sidekicks, this is an amazingly charming scene.

Then, he says to Dasbina, “Are you still enraged with me?” So she shakes her head. Then, both of them embrace each other. Meanwhile, Isaac and Elijah similarly embrace each other and everyone is amazingly happy. Meanwhile, Zainab smiles when she sees Khidr staying far away.

Barbarossa Episode 8 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 8 In Urdu

Then, Urooj says to Khidr, take everyone home, then, we sit subtly and talk. Khidr then, says to Arooj, “I would prefer not to destroy your serenity in Agha, in any case, I have an issue.” would we have the option to talk? So Arooj says, OK. So Ilyas asks Khidr, what is so inconvenient Agha?

Barbarossa Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Historic Series

Never permitted us to hear the inspiring news. So the Arooj says. O Allah, grant smarts and understanding to these youthful colleagues. On this Isaac edifies Elijah concerning Khidr and Khidr. At the point when you foster old like me, then, you will grasp.

Everyone laughs at it and thereafter, everyone leaves. Of course, the Arooj has shown up at Jaffar with the help of Jaffar. Sullivan is incredibly restless and incensed. He says you’re endeavoring to do this so he says I’m giving the canine over to its owner.

On the off chance that you send this canine after me again, I will not leave both of you. So Sullivan says why might it be a smart thought for me to send this numbskull after you?

At the point when Jaffar says to Sullivan, “Sir, I told him,” yet thusly, he gets a loud accident and he arrives at the place to pause.Barbarossa Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles

Then, he says to Sally, “Do you feel that I am a youth?” You should think on numerous occasions while laying the net against Baba Arooj. Some other way, I will wreck your game plans so harshly. That you will not get by to make a game plan again.

Then, Sullivan says. How should you adjust to the commitment inconvenience? Have you anytime contemplated the Arooj? My boat Arooj above it.Barbarossa Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles

Unwind. I will pay you for it. So Sullivan says if you don’t finish with the expense, I won’t leave you worth these seas. Barbarossa Episode 8 English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 8 English Subtitles

In addition, you will not at any point have the choice to take a boat out to the sea once more. So Arooj says in reply, “I will repay your commitment.” Then I will not leave you and all of those above you meriting these seas. Saying this, he leaves.

Isabel is buying new fish from a finance manager in the commercial center. Likewise, she says take him to our lodging. Despina is moreover buying new fish. Likewise, she says to the retailer, “I trust it will be just comparably new as you say.” Baba needs to prepare dinner this evening for the Arooj.

So the finance manager says Bhabhi for Baba Arooj. I have given the best fish in the sea. So much that the two of them meet each other. So says Isabel. Well done, you are back. I trust you will be humiliated with regards to the words you said to me.

So she says why should I be embarrassed and both of them start again. Then, finally, Isabel says that by taking on such a disposition you are simply pushing your mind. Also, it doesn’t have any effect on some other individual. Saying this, she leaves.

Barbarossa Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles

On the other hand, Ishaq is getting a couple of flavors for his more young kin Elias in the commercial center. He starts to seek after her, her spine goes to the front, she asks in shock, well then Isaac says I want to meet someone in a hurry and subsequently, he starts looking for her anyway by then he has disappeared from Urgos’ eyes.

Then, Despina comes there too. Ishaq says I saw him. He was something almost identical. She asks Agha, who did you see? Seeing the babaArooj on the lookout, she comes to him smiling and says that at long last, you have returned. Glad to see you Arooj on it under him.

However, Isabelle asks concerning whether he’s worried. what was the arrangement? Nothing is upsetting you. So Arooj says the boat hammered. That is the explanation your father has mentioned a significant expense for the boat. So says Isabel.

What do you mean to do now? So the Arooj says. You trusted in us and gave us work. Commitment looks like an honor to us. Commitment looks like an honor to us. We will work outside of Alexandria to deal with commitments assuming we need to.

Barbarossa Episode 8 In Urdu Historic Series

She says, “Are you considering leaving Alexander?” There ought to be another approach to the unimaginable. I continue to talk with Baba. This isn’t the right method of taking any money. The climb to it stops him and says. You clashed with your father and gave us work.

Do whatever it takes not to take your dad’s shock any more drawn out. Expecting we want to deal with the issue of Onita’s insider realities. So you want to build a fair association with your dad. So she says. If you made some separation from here.

So how are we going to settle Anita? How are we going to find my kin? That is the fundamental clarification I’m enduring through my father’s callousness. Arooj says: I will do whatever I want to do, but before that, I want to deal with this commitment rapidly.

In case it is in the responsibility for, why might we say we aren’t going there and attacking? So Niko says Khidr is genuinely difficult to enter the stronghold. Likewise, he says that by paying little heed to how irksome it is, we will find some method of showing up with the help of Allah.

Notwithstanding, we can’t do this without Arooj Agha. So Elias says Urooj Agha then, goes out with a cautious game plan before going on any such undertaking. They may not be ready to go as fast as you would presume.

Barbarossa Episode 8 English Subtitles

Envision a situation where Khizr says angrily about this. That youngster is confined in their grip because of us today. Do you know what they are messing up to this powerless young woman? Would it be a smart thought for us to leave it at that?

Barbarossa Episode 7 In Urdu & English Free
Barbarossa Episode 7 In Urdu & English Free
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They are busy with understanding the book and we are remaining here indivisibly, so Elias says why might you say you are furious with me Agha? I have as of late taught you concerning the possible possibility.

Khizr then gets up starting there. Also, thereafter, Niko says don’t focus on them. Elijah is ready to explode at any second like Khizr touchy until this issue is handled. If this issue is kept away, this ammunition will enter the post alone and change this spot into an inferno if fundamental.

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