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Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu.At the beginning of this episode, Arooj tells his soldiers Get ready. Soldiers gather in front of him in the same voice. Then he says we will not wait like this. We will do our best.

What we can say is that Baba Uprising Our ship has been destroyed and the never-ending sea in front of us is the Arooj on it. Without trying out the possibilities we have and the smallest source, nothing is over if our ship If destroyed we will make a source with our own hands that will make us see.

And we will not sit comfortably until another solution is found. We have to save Elias’ life somehow and get rid of this situation. And then those who have done it will calculate. On the other hand, Khizr, etc., are at the house of the dispena and then knock on the door.

Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu

When Khizr opens the door, he sees that the golem has come. Then he says to Khizr. Isabel is waiting for you at the hotel. Isaac asks is good. what’s the matter. So Khizr tells him that I informed Izabel about the abduction of Aga Master Suleiman’s Prudd Esther.

There will be something related to this. Then he starts taking Nico with him. So says Isaac. Okay fine. Go. But keep me informed too. On the other hand, Rad Quistrele has reached the port of Kalmanos. Pietro is eagerly awaiting them and he asks Radko if he has found the book.

He says, “Sir, this is the book.” What you need and finally the book falls into the hands of Pietro then at night he says to the Pieters his name is Esther is caught with Khizr then Pietro greets him and signals to take him and He at night and is very happy.

On the other hand, the Khudravars in the hotel have reached Nico Izabel. Khizr asks if you found out anything about this girl on which ship and on which side they have taken her. But Izabel says the problem is not this. Khizr has something more important to tell you.

Barbarossa Episode 9 In English

Khizr asks what happened, then Izabel says Arooj. Then Khizr says what happened next. Then he tells the whole thing. his Couldn’t get to the destination. I’m afraid he’s in trouble. He’s not in this world anymore. Barbarossa Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles

As soon as he hears this news, he feels a shock, while on the other side, his fellowship is scattered. Pieces and planks of wood are picked up from here and there and Baba Uraj is also attached to them in this work. Barbarossa Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles

The purpose of all of them is to build a boat by doing thirty. Then the Arooj says to them. Bring whatever wood you can find to build a boat. Then we will peel the twigs and make them like ropes.

Then when he goes to the rising Elias and asks his nature, Eliyas says, “I feel so burning in my chest that if I drink the whole sea, I will not find peace.”. So the height says close your eyes and relax a little young. Then Elijah says I have become a burden on you in this state.

Barbarossa Episode 9 English Subtitles

Arooj says don’t say what happened if my lion doesn’t have a ship? We will build a boat with our hands and save you. Then whoever has done all this has to be held accountable. You just be careless. You rest and close your eyes. Barbarossa Episode 9 English Subtitles

Khizr says that no one has seen his body. So it means he did not die As soon as Izabel says that the real problem is not this, Khizr says in anger. If you want to assure me that my brothers are dead, then first show me their bodies. Then he says to me.

Khizr is right. We can’t go in their way and see then Khizr says, You just arrange a ship for us. We don’t want anything else. We will go and find them ourselves. In response, Izabel says that she cannot do this in Khizr.

So Khizr says you know Elias and the Arooj so much Now for the sake of these people, a ship cannot give, on which Izabel says, the problem is not this. Khizr says, then tell me what is the problem, what is the problem, for your brothers, you can put everything at stake, not even me.

That’s exactly what I’m doing, no matter how heavy I pay for it, then there’s a change and we’re shown Calmanos. Where Pietro tells Esther you can’t even imagine how much blood I’ve shed for this book. Now I have it but what do I do.

Barbarossa Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles

I’m going to look at the pages of this book. But this book is not telling me anything. I think you can help me understand this book. So Esther says yes I will help. Says great. Then Esther says but pleases open my hand. He says why not then his hands are opened.

In so much Estherbe acts to be conscious. So Pietro takes it and handles it. Then she drinks water. Then she says I ever told Rad you are trying to get information from the wrong person.

Kill me if you guys want to kill me Fear not, then, Pietro tells him, “A stratum is a great cunning man, and he snatches a dagger from his hand, and says, ‘A thief is as skilled as his teacher.’

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The real ability is to put something like this in it immediately to eliminate the feeling of weight loss of the sheath. Then he closes his hands again. Esther’s hand is largely clean. He had taken out the dagger of the patrol. And that’s why the Peters said it all.

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