Breaking Down the Finals: Key Battles and Turning Points of the T20 World Cup 2024

An exciting end to the T20 World Cup 2024 kept spectators on the edge. The contest between two of the biggest names in cricket, India and England, featured the finest of T20 cricket. The championship match featured both individual and strategic displays of skill. Here, we analyze the pivotal moments and major conflicts that shaped this titanic struggle.

The Toss and Initial Gambit

England sought to create a formidable target by winning the toss and choosing to bat first. The pitch conditions, which were predicted to worsen and favor bowlers later in the evening, had an impact on the decision. The match was structured by numerous deliberate decisions, the first of which was this strategic move.

The Powerplay Duel

India’s new-ball bowlers, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami, put up a strong opening display against England’s opening duo of Jos Buttler and Jason Roy. Early pressure was produced by Shami’s quickness and Bumrah’s exquisite precision. Buttler’s aggressive style, on the other hand, frustrated India’s strategies as he hit errant deliveries to the boundary, guaranteeing that England would reach 50 runs in the powerplay without losing a wicket. This laid a strong basis for England’s innings.

The Buttler-Malan Partnership

Buttler and Malan’s collaboration was essential. Malan’s methodical approach was matched by Buttler’s powerful striking. Their partnership of 75 runs was a pivotal moment that put England in a commanding position. Buttler’s fifty-year career was filled with creative shots, and Malan’s steady presence provided consistency. Buttler was dismissed for 78 as Bumrah returned in the final overs, which was a significant victory for India.

The Death Over Drama

In the last five overs, England tried to quicken their pace. Malan tried his best, but India’s bowlers were excellent at yorkers and slower balls. With Bumrah bowling effectively in the final over and Shami dismissing Malan for 55, India were able to restrict England to 170/6, a difficult but reachable target.

India’s Chase: A Rocky Start

India’s response was met with an early scare as Chris Woakes caught Rohit Sharma. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul were then left to rebuild. With his wealth of experience, Kohli supported the innings as Rahul took the initiative. India was able to regain control of the game thanks to their combination, but England’s bowlers, especially Adil Rashid, were a persistent threat.

Rashid’s Game-Changing Spell

Rashid’s tenure came at a crucial moment. After dismissing Rahul for forty-five, he took out the dangerous-looking Suryakumar Yadav. His four-over haul of 2/24 changed the tide in England’s favor and put pressure on the middle order of India.

Kohli and Pandya’s Fightback

As the needed run rate increased, Kohli and Hardik Pandya counterattacked. India’s hopes were rekindled by Pandya’s powerful hitting and Kohli’s masterful stroke play. With their 60 runs in a 40-ball partnership, India was able to close the gap. The pace of Kohli’s 65 was a T20 innings masterclass.

The Final Overs Showdown

There was a noticeable sense of tension as the game entered its closing overs. With 20 runs needed in the final two overs, Pandya assumed control. But Sam Curran’s outstanding penultimate over, in which he gave up just 6 runs and removed Pandya, turned the tide of the contest in favor of England. Jofra Archer was up against Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja with 14 required off the final over.


The exhilarating essence of T20 cricket was demonstrated in the T20 World Cup 2024 final when both teams displayed incredible talent and tenacity. India was defeated by England’s individual talents and strategic acumen in a match that will be remembered for its thrilling conclusion and high stakes.


  1. In the T20 World Cup 2024 championship game, who was the player of the match?

Jos Buttler was named Player of the Match for his game-winning 78-run innings that gave England a competitive total.

  1. In the last over, how many runs did India need to win?

To win the match, India needed to score 14 runs in the last over.

  1. Which bowler influenced the outcome of the match the most?

During India’s pursuit, Adil Rashid’s 2/24 spell was important in turning the tide in England’s advantage.

  1. What was the game’s pivotal moment?

Jos Buttler’s removal in the last overs, which limited England to 170 and offered India a reasonable target, was the pivotal moment.

  1. What was the performance of England’s bowlers in the last overs?

In the final overs, England’s bowlers—particularly Sam Curran and Jofra Archer—perfectly carried out their strategies, protecting the target and winning.

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