ChatGPT Predicts XRP Price If SEC Lawsuit Never Happened, BTC Retraces To $60K Support Whilst This New Crypto Revels In 100x Glory

Among dreams of what might have been – Duke Nukem Forever, Nikola Tesla’s wireless transmitter, commercial-grade supersonic air travel – the SEC lawsuit against XRP hamstrung a crypto movement that could have been brilliant. Instead, it rang the death knell of a nascent technology that could have defined an era. XRP is a shadow of its potential, but luckily, crypto is alive and well as Bitcoin finds support, and the iGaming token Rollblock lures scores of investors to its ongoing presale. What happened to XRP? Why is Bitcoin doing so well, and why is Rollblock the investment of the year?

XRP (XRP): ChatGPT On XRP Without The SEC Lawsuit

It may be a fun exercise, but it has a vital conclusion: what if the SEC lawsuit against XRP never happened? ChatGPT was asked what XRP could have been if the SEC Lawsuit had been edited out of history. The date is December 22, 2020, and XRP’s price is $0.34. This is the day the SEC lawsuit was filed. The market initially responded positively, seeing a quick dismissal of the case. Fast forward three and a half years, and the gavel still hasn’t come down, and XRP is trading at $0.47. A 38% increase. Contrast that with Bitcoin, which returned almost 300% in the same period. 

So, what does ChatGPT say? Without the SEC lawsuit, XRP would have seen a wider adoption, a steady influx of capital, and institutional adoption. ChatGPT is of the opinion that XRP could be as high as $10.00 today, easily beating Bitcoin’s growth. This is a stark indicator of how restraining the SEC lawsuit was. 

Bitcoin (BTC): Support Level Found As It Chases New ATH

Bitcoin’s fuse has been lit and will explode in a 3x or 5x return any moment now. Yet, the market is nervous. By all accounts, Bitcoin needs to run, but the market is hesitant. The bottom support for Bitcoin currently lies at $60k, dipping just below that only twice since the price spiked by $10,000 at the end of February. While hovering around 60k seems frustrating, it is worth remembering that Bitcoin hasn’t seen 60k since November 2021.  

The halving has taken place, the ETFs have been approved, and with crypto whales like Michael Saylor buying a literal year’s supply of Bitcoin in a single day, the supply shock will filter through to retail level soon enough. Basic economic models of supply and demand will drive the Bitcoin price into the stratosphere!

Rollblock (RBLK): A bright future for iGaming

ETF approval has lent legitimacy to Bitcoin and, by proxy, all crypto. And now, with the SEC lawsuit all but lost, a new dawn stands at the forefront, and nowhere is more appealing to get in early on the new era of crypto than in the Rollblock presale.

Rollblock’s RBLK token drives the ecosystem of the future of iGaming, a 100 billion per year industry. Billions of dollars are staked  on internet iGaming  sites every day, and Rollblock is exploiting this massive market by bringing iGaming to the blockchain and solving many issues plaguing the iGaming industry. With Rollblock’s Ethereum-based infrastructure, every stake and payout is verified, giving punters the ease of mind that the games aren’t rigged and giving investors reassurance that results are not fiddled with.

One of Rollblock’s striking features is its innovative revenue-sharing model. Token holders receive a portion of the casino’s daily winnings. This not only increases the value of the $RBLK token but also provides regular income. This dual revenue model offers a more stable and rewarding investment opportunity than many other crypto projects.

Rollblock does not require KYC, meaning users can easily start playing and benefit from the revenue-sharing model with just an email address or wallet connection. This low barrier to entry has led to a rapid increase in users and investors, which in turn further drives demand for $RBLK tokens.

This enhanced gaming infrastructure alone is reason enough to invest in Rollblock, but when one takes into account that Rollblock’s RBLK is deflationary and limited to 1 billion tokens, and that RBLK token holders will share in profits, making RBLK an income-bearing asset, there is literally no reason not to invest in the ongoing Rollblock presale. And for those willing to stake their RBLK tokens to provide liquidity, massive APR yields await! 


The SEC Lawsuit may have hampered XRP’s growth, but it is overall a good thing, as regulatory clarity now paves the way for bigger and brighter things. ChatGPT’s vision of the future may be a work of fantasy, but it paints a picture of where cryptos like Bitcoin can now go– and go to the moon. So, strap up to the crypto rocket ship and invest in Rollblock’s RBLK token presale. Now in its fourth phase, RBLK tokens are available at $0.0145. But hurry, the next phase is imminent, and prices will click up a notch.

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