Choosing the right nursery for your child

Many parents face a common problem finding the right nursery for their child. They want to make sure that their child is in safe hands and his growth will increase by the admission in a nursery. A right nursery will definitely use safe and hygienic equipments to treat their child. In this article, to help parents find the right nursery, five necessary tips are given.

How to choose the right nursery for your child?

Following are some tips that will help you to choose the right nursery for your child:

When you are choosing the top nursery in Dubai for your child, make sure that you know it is registered with OFSTED. The registration certificate and the current insurance certificate will most likely be hung on a wall. You should ask them for their current OFSTED report. This will assure you that your nursery will care for your child and provide all kinds of education and facilities they need.

You should make a checklist from home and then when you go to nurseries to visit them, then check if they have all the qualities that you have written in your checklist. Your checklist should include the following:

  • Open and safe play area for your kids.
  • Are there nice facilities and activities that will keep your child engaged?
  • Will employees care for your child?
  • Is their equipment clean?
  • Is there a home like environment and bright lights?
  • Is there a good curriculum?
  • Hygiene 

When you visit the nursery, make sure that the equipment they use with the children like their plates, spoons etc are clean. Secondly observe how they prepare their food and also make sure that it’s not preserved and it’s fresh. Many people go to jobs while the children go to nursery so if your nursery offers a pick and drop facility so make sure to avail it.

When you go to the nursery, make sure that children there look happy and involved in studying, playing and other activities. Do they keep them occupied? Then check if the children are happy from how the staff are caring for them. After that, see what type of curriculum they have and will they teach your child correctly. Then check if your child is being attached to the staff and obeying what he/she says. 

  • Credentials and representation

When you go to the nursery then check that all the staff and the employees are qualified enough. For example, do they know how to use a first aid kit in case of an emergency or can they handle your child when they are misbehaving. Check if there is a person that you can always contact to check for your kids. Secondly, you can observe the representation of the staff like what type of clothes they are wearing or how humble or polite are they.


From these 5 tips given above, you will find the perfect nursery for your child. Not only that but he will also be happy as there will be open Play areas and the best toys he would ever need.

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