Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles. Welcome to TechNet. With Mohmand Pozbeg launching another drama series called Dastan As you all know the campaign is about Turkish history and related events. give importance. Because he is a date and sociologist in terms of his education.

And apart from this, many also hold degrees in Islamic Majuism. So Destan ​​drama series is also a date drama series of Hansmat and Ko. Whatever is included. In today’s video we will show the story of the Dastan drama series and its period i.e. the date which will be shown is of which period. And along with talking about its trailer. And much important information will also be in this video.

Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

So let’s start this video by doing those important things first. Do you know that even before the release of Mehmet Bouzdair’s upcoming drama series Dastaan, this drama has been sold in the world’s ten Mamaliks? Noor Play in the Arab world and PTV in Pakistan were the first TV channels. Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Who got the hooks to broadcast this drama series. And do you know this thing that if PTV buys the hooks of this drama series then what does it mean? That is, this is good news for the fans of Pakistan and India. That they will get to see this drama series in Urdu dubbing.

It is their right to get this kind of success Mehmadaq. And the praise for it is less. Because he started Conditionurul with a noble spirit and purpose. Now we know that in which phase of the drama serial will be shown. So Ikram will be shown to you in this drama serial of the ninth century.

Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles
Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

When the Tur tribes of Vasti Asia were ruled by a thousand sultanates. And since the ninth sentence will be shown in this. So this is the period when the Turks did not enter Islam. And before bringing Islam, the Turks used to follow these Rasumat. What religion did you support? What was their life like?

We will get a chance to know about all these through this drama. By the way, you people know that before bringing Islam, the Turks used to follow the teachings of Islam. Because of which they did not find it difficult to bring Islam.Destan Episode 1 in English Subtitles

Destan Episode 1 in English Subtitles

If you guys are eager to know about this, then I have this video on it for those who are interested in watching the Dastaan ​​drama series. So by watching this video of mine, it will be easy for them to understand the story of the story.Destan Episode 1 in English Subtitles

We had seen the Turks after the Qubool-e-Islam. And in the Dastaan ​​drama series, we will see Turks before Kabul-e-Islam. And I think this is the special feature of this drama. So as I have told that in those days Khazar was the ruler of the Sultanate. So the words of the drama will be of the visiting government of this Sultanate.

Now we know what will be the story of the Dastaan ​​drama. So Nazreen Ikram is a girl character in the story of this drama. Which apart from being this team, it is also an unmatched juju. This drama series was named before Dastaan. But then its name was changed to Dastan.

Markazi of the drama is the character’s girl. Whose name is AKZ? She is a brave girl living in the mountains. And to the father of this girl, the song of a cow whose name is Kokud Khan. kills. And there is this drama boy whose name is. He is the son of this Korkut Khan. But one side of this son of Korkut Khan is muffled.Makki Tv Destan Episode 1 In Urdu

Makki Tv Destan Episode 1 In Urdu

And for the sake of Inteqam, this girl will support this majestic boy. And will try to make a new ruler of this sultanate. Now we will see in this drama what will happen during this time. It is being said that the production, story, and cast of this series are so strong and niche that its discussion in the whole world is more involved in its cast.

And both these male actors will be the characters of this serial. Whereas its heroin Kamtali is said to be a very high-performing actress of Turkey. And those who have seen the Turkish drama Harjai. He sings the merits of its performance. Now let’s talk about the first trailer of Dastaan.Vidtower

Keeping all these claims in front, let us see its first trailer which has been released recently. So as you guys know I am not one of those YouTubers. Which is called everything from Turkish dramas. It’s great, it’s great, it’s amazing, it’s great, etc.

So if I do something clear, then this trailer came to me as the trailer of the first installment of the first season. In which Erturol Ghazi attacks a Bazandini convoy while doing archery.And then the fight starts. And even the way in which Arterol throws arrows was shown in that drama. This girl also throws here in the same way.

And the only difference is that there is a girl in place of Ertul. Which we can call lady Ertugrul. Similarly, the same Bhediya who was in the first trailer of season two of Korol Ushasus Maan. He is also present here. And even this girl raises the horse with the style of Ertugrul. And the only difference that I have come to know is that there is a girl here who does all this.Dastaan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 1 In Urdu by Vidtower

As far as I have understood, I think that the flag of success has been set all over the world. And we have seen many Turkish dramas after L. But the standard which has been established in our mind of that drama. No other drama has been able to get down to it completely. So maybe the story. Only female version.

And this, in my opinion, is a great feature of this drama. And if I talk about the fun of the trailer, then even the costumes of the actors are not the same. Believe me if I had not known the name of this drama and I would not have known that I am watching the trailer of some new drama.

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So I think that maybe there have been new entries in Korolish Osman. Even Dakar, who played the role of a cow in the corollary, was also seen here. But here also there is no difference between its appearance and clothes. And if it had not been slaughtered in season two of Korolishu Samaan, then it would have seemed that it was probably a cow. Mehmed Bozdayak should bring some change in his upcoming drama.

Destan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

So that you do not get bored seeing the same type of thing. But despite this, the first installment of this drama has to be seen. Because this trailer may not be able to express the beauty of the drama in this way. And really be different in watching the drama. Because we have seen many Turkish dramas. In which the male Jangjus are shown as Markazi characters.

For example, Sultan Malik Shah Malik Sanjrul Ghazi or Osman Ghazi and so on. And this is the first time that a girl is playing a character in a Turkish drama. When will this drama release? This has not been announced yet. Only its first letter has been issued. In Turkey it will be on A TV. While on PTV in Pakistan.

And one more important thing is that this is a drama serial. That is, it will not have more than one season. And those who question that how much is the date reality in this drama. So I would like to tell them that this is a fake story. which is not related to the date. However, the round that will be shown will be dated.

But events will not be historic. So, dear viewers, it was Muhammad Bazdaq who gave my review of the new drama story which I have given at your request. What do people think of me? And what are your impressions of the drama series story trailer? Do you think this drama will meet the expectations of the audience? Let me know in the comments section. Thanks for watching my video.

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