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Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

Destan Episode 6 In Urdu.The son of Ethno says, “But who is this Uprising?” Says at night. petro says his body He has been seen saying at night, “No, sir, he has drowned in the sea.” Petro says. At night he says he is dead. Petro says do what he says.

Return to the living nowadays Then at night he says that the rise is also related to the medley. Hearing this, he says that the height is also from the heart and that blacksmith is also from the middle. We have to reveal the secrets of the medley at night.

Destan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Diamond brother rise here The pass comes. Seeing this, he says, “Inshallah, the good news, in response to which Hira Bhai says, is known for the whereabouts of his son, but the place where Shaheen is taking refuge is dangerous for you.”

Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

That’s a big one He is in the tribe and he respects the tribe. Hearing this, he says to the rise of Elijah. Do to the men. Here Shaheen comes to the prisoners. Seeing him who tries to provoke him see Kar Shayen says.Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

Don’t bother yourself two days which I have no intention of fighting with you. Then he says to Abu Muhammad What has made you so important in response to which Abu Muhammad says to make me important The thing is, stubborn Shaheen says I’ll find out.

Destan Episode 6 with Urdu subtitle

Then the next day starts going from the house and says to him be careful daughter these people have always been killers standing there Asiya is watching all this happens. Rise here reaches this tribe with its soldiers.Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

Seeing him says Shaheen. Baba Ulaj my eyes were waiting for you. Russia says we have come to get our trust and partner. Shaheen says let’s take it if you can. Rise says I will compete with you. But one winner will leave with Abu Muhammad.

Says I accept the offer. Here Abu Muhammad says I will be free in a while. However, Allah is the helper of you people. My brothers have gone mad every day when they hear what they say.Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

How will be free? Abu Muhammad laughs when he hears this. The same rat that Abu Muhammad had put in his rope is eating this food. And the account is also cutting this rope. Here the rise and the competition begin.Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

Destan Episode 6 in English Subtitles

A soldier comes here and says where is Abu Muhammad? Urs who says you guys didn’t tie well. He ran. The soldier says you guys must have helped. The day that says if we had helped, we would have run away too.Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

Destan Episode 5 In Urdu
Destan Episode 6 In Urdu

Then the soldier comes out and says. Mr. Abu Muhammad has escaped. What does Shaheen say has escaped. Does rise say play the game with me? Lachie’s son killed this poor man. Shaheen says I didn’t hit anyone.

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He has escaped. Hearing this, the rise attacks him.When they hear this, they both stop.” “I know the height is my son’s fault. If you know my right.” Forgive him. He hears this and says: “For you, even John is a sacrifice.”

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What are you saying? “A epidemic? Who are you begging for mercy? They come to the field with me and see who is better.” When they hear this, they say a lot.

And then they say I wish someone had given this name. Not to the undeserving like you. You are called the son of the people. Look at yourself and look at the rise then he is from the rise Say my height from now on you are my real son.

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