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Destan Episode 8 In Urdu

Destan Episode 8 In Urdu.The significance is neither yours nor theirs. The real significance of the empire is Altaf. I say Joban Umm Akbar You have reserved an area for our close associates. I have not heard any voice so far because of my loyalty to you but the water is rising above the head Sultan.

Hearing this, the Sultan stands up from the root and moves on They say roaring. If the water rises the highest in this Ramadan, I will drown you and the rest of you in this water. Hearing this, Amir al-Tabrir burns his manners by placing his hand on his chest and leaves.

Destan Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Umair went to Artbar Then the Prime Minister says. Sultan has joined my two brave survivors. I did this to gain access to the rest. The Sultan says on this. This problem has become very complicated. Or you present some evidence or close the topic forever.

Destan Episode 8 In Urdu
Destan Episode 8 In Urdu

That is, if the Sultan sits on the throne and the Prime Minister says, I will present evidence to the Sultan. Joan Sultan says angrily. I can’t wait Haji, present any evidence as soon as possible. The Prime Minister says on this.

Destan Episode 8 with Urdu subtitle

I have a plan in mind Sultan. But that will require your permission. Hazrat Fatima is not in the ark and holy trusts of Allah Almighty. We send them to them. And I will bring this to the ears of the people through my spies. They attach great importance to this box and sacred trusts.

I think they will set a trap on the way to get them That way we will arrest them with red hands. And their effect will be manifested. Hearing this, the Sultan gets lost in deep thinking. Seeing Spring says this is the weakest place where we can go in.

The guards will go to the morning meal. I will go to the kitchen and mix drugs in their food. You guys should be very careful if something inside. When the mess is over, Anna then points to Sanjar Ayaz, so he goes in front of Al-Tabar’s spare and starts breathing. Destan Episode 8 In Urdu

Seeing him, the soldier says to the bath. Ayaz says on it. I’m also going to have fun. Have fun today too. I say the soldier is moving towards Ayaz. Let me taste you now. If you spend a night in jail, tomorrow will be a place.Destan Episode 8 In Urdu

Destan Episode 8 in English Subtitles

Saying this, the soldier tries to draw the sword as soon as possible. Ayaz makes him unconscious of a loud punch. Seeing this, the friendly soldier also moves towards Ayaz. But Ayaz also makes him unconscious. And San John secretly enters the castle. technets

Destan Episode 8 In Urdu
Destan Episode 8 In Urdu

This and the meat is present with his companion in the tent of the second qiblah. This and Goss says that the man named Sanjar is a special side. At that moment and a soldier of the flesh comes there and says I have found the tents of this Anjar He lives with his mother but he hasn’t come yet.

Destan Episode 8 In Urdu by technets

He says Airgos’s partner says what will we do now. We stopped here with great difficulty tonight. We have to leave here in the morning. He hasn’t come here. Here’s how I know it. Do it and the friend gets up.

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From there, Ramadan enters the light kitchen. When he sees it, the cook asks, who are you? So I say Sanjar. I’m a new employee here. At the same time intoxicated Our clothes come to the cook’s mouth and make him unconscious and then he wears his clothes and takes the form of a cook.

Sanjar then first mixes intoxicating prayers in Daru’s food and then the food stands on Zandan’s feet Takes to The soldier says when he sees Sanjar.Destan Episode 8 In Urdu

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