Dev Release 68 Recaps X1 Miner Updates & Developments! BlockDAG Achieves Historic Milestones as Presale Surges to $56.9M

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 68 marks the end of the week with a recap of X1 Miner updates hinting at significant strides in the X1 Miner application. Meanwhile, the community is abuzz with excitement as BlockDAG achieves milestones in its roadmap, with most of the milestones being achieved ahead of schedule. This reflects BlockDAG’s commitment to innovation and growth. With a presale surge amassing $56.9 million, BlockDAG is poised to become a formidable player in the blockchain ecosystem. This article will delve into the Latest Dev Release 68, and the roadmap and presale’s progression.

BlockDAG’s 2024 Roadmap Achievements Updates

BlockDAG has made substantial progress on its 2024 roadmap, focusing on Blockchain Development, BlockDAG Scan, and the X1 Miner Application. These updates emphasize transparency and technical advancement, setting a clear trajectory for the project’s future. The blockchain development phase saw the establishment of core peer-to-peer networking capabilities, implementation of linear and Directed Acyclic Graph algorithms, and integration of the POW consensus mechanism for enhanced security. Compatibility with Ethereum-based smart contracts was also achieved, showcasing BlockDAG’s commitment to interoperability. Development of command-line tools and Remote Procedure Calls progressed alongside Metamask integration, enhancing user access and transaction management.

The project launched a development network for internal validations ahead of schedule, with security audits and bug fixes paving the way for a successful testnet launch. This allowed for external user beta testing, leading to the official public launch of the blockchain network. The BlockDAG Scan, or blockchain explorer, advanced significantly with the creation of user-friendly designs, dynamic real-time data displays, and features to monitor crypto-asset balances and NFTs.

The X1 Miner Application has been fully developed and tested, now awaiting approval from the Apple Store and Play Store. The development included seamless user onboarding, presale mechanisms, secure wallet and transaction capabilities, a leaderboard, and community features. With the presale progressing rapidly, Batch 19 is priced at $0.014, reflecting a 1300% growth since Batch 1. BlockDAG has raised $56.9 million from selling over 12 billion BDAG coins and $3.6 million from the sale of 8,700+ miners, achieving milestones ahead of its schedule and fueling excitement within the community

UTXO Integration: Latest Developments in Dev Release 68 

The latest Dev Release 68, focuses on a whole week recap and addresses queries from Apple regarding the latest build of the X1 Miner application, which is now awaiting approval. Simultaneously, significant progress was made on the blockchain explorer, including the deployment of the faucet page and thorough platform testing to ensure robustness. BlockDAG is integrating both UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) and account-based address models within its blockchain framework, enhancing versatility, security, and efficiency. This dual support caters to a wider range of applications, from simple payments to complex smart contracts, boosting the network’s scalability.

The UTXO model, providing high security and parallel transaction processing, is complemented by the account-based model, which simplifies transaction logic and enables smart contract functionality. The integration of these models within BlockDAG’s framework ensures flexibility, security, efficiency, and scalability, supporting a diverse range of applications and use cases. 

For UTXO-based transactions, the model involves inputs referencing previous outputs and creating new outputs, offering high security and easy parallel transaction processing. In contrast, the account-based model updates balances directly with each transaction, simplifying transaction logic and enabling smart contract functionality.

The dual support in BlockDAG’s system allows for precise control over transaction inputs and outputs, making it harder for malicious actors to manipulate balances while reducing computational overhead, beneficial for high-frequency transactions and smart contract execution. This strategic integration of both models enhances the versatility and efficiency of BlockDAG’s blockchain, promising a robust and scalable network.

Key Takeaway

BlockDAG’s remarkable progress and ahead-of-schedule achievements underscore its potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry. Dev Release 68 highlights significant advancements, including the full development and testing of the X1 Miner application, now awaiting approval from the Apple Store and Play Store. Additionally, the integration of both UTXO and account-based models in the blockchain framework enhances versatility and scalability. With substantial presale success, raising $56.9 million and seeing a 1300% growth in BDAG coin’s value, BlockDAG is set to attract significant crypto investments. 

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