Blessing Of Science Essay | Benefits Of Science

Blessing Of Science Essay | Benefits Of Science

This is an age of science. Science is the most valuable field of human knowledge. There are many benefits of science. It has made human life very comfortable and enjoyable. It has brought a great revolution in all the fields of life.

Science has conquered time and space. It has shortened the distance. Many can reach from one corner of the world to the other within a few hours. There are rocket planes that travel faster than sound.

Blessing Of Science Essay | Benefits Of Science

Due to the blessings of science, the man was aware of the causes and reasons of such natural phenomena which is important to us. The radio is another marvel of science. It is a great source of information and recreation. It broadcast songs, plays and feathers. The speeches of important people are broadcast. We listen to them sitting in our home. The running commentary on a cricket match broadcast by the radio makes us feel at home. On television, you can not only hear but see the speaker. Electricity is another wonderful invention of science. Without it, our whole industry comes to a standstill. The whole progress of the industry depends on it. Our factories and mills cannot work without it. It heats our rooms in winter and cools them in summer. It cooks our food and irons our clothes.

Blessing Of Science Essay | Benefits Of Science

There are many benefits of science. The telegraph and telephone have linked one part of the world to the other. Massages are flashed. Direct conversation can be carried on.

Science has also done wonders in the world of medicine. Treatment by x-rays is one of the great wonders of science. The difficult surgical operation has become a routine matter vaccination has made smallpox a thing of the past. Many other diseases like cholera, malaria and T.B have been fully controlled.

Science has also made our social life comfortable and very easy. It has also given us many ways of recreation. The television, cinema and radio have made us comfortable and cheerful. Science has made us open-minded and rational. We analyze everything before we believe it. We do not have faith in ghost and spirits. Nowadays, science has made us practically minded.

Blessing Of Science Essay | Benefits Of Science

We have many new machines can increase the production of our crops. We have also learnt new methods of storing and preserving things. Now vegetables and fruits are available out of season. So these are all the benefits of science.

The discovery of atomic energy has brought revolution in human civilization. It is being used for the production of electricity.
In short, life is now not a bed of thorns. In fact, science has helped us in every field of life.

Important Questions About Blessing Of Science Essay

What are the benefits of science in our daily life?

Science makes the everyday life of a person easier with their scientific advancements. 

How Science and Technology helps in our life?

New introduced technology impacts our daily lives in every field of our lives, from cars, computers, cell phones and power and network.

Is science a knowledge?

Science is derived from the Latin word “Scientia”, which means that the universe constitutes and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.