Essay On Last Day Of College | Short Essay



  • A day that means a lot for me.
  • The pleasant days of the past.
  • The farewell party…….a splendid function.
  • The farewell speeches.
  • The moment of the parting.

Life is strand blend of happiness and sorrow. My last day of college is a memorable event of my life. I cannot forget that day. It will remain fresh for many years.

The students of the first-year class had arranged a farewell party in honor of the students of the second-year class. I reached the college early in the morning on the day. The farewell party came off on Saturday, the 27th of February in the college hall. The boys were in their best clothes. There was silence in the atmosphere. I felt sadness on the faces of my dear friends. The last day of college is much difficult time for everyone. The principal, the professor, the lectures, and all the students were present.
I sat with the best of my friends. When all were in chairs, a photograph was taken.

Then we were served with tea, sweets, and fruits. The menu was well chosen. When the boys had enjoyed the feast, one of the boys, Saleem read an address on behalf of the first-year class. He expressed his feelings for the outgoing students. He thanked the senior students for their past love. He quoted from Robert Burns:

Farewell, my friends! Farewell, my foes!
My Peace with then, my love with those

Then Mr. Ali, a student of the second-year class, addressed on behalf of his class fellows. He mentioned college games and other functions. He thanked the junior students for their co-operation and kindness.

Friends depart, and memory takes them To her careens, pure and deep.

Then the principal rose and addressed the audience. It was a short speech enriched with thoughts. He advised the students to work hard to get through the examination. He advised them to be honest and industrious in life. He ended his speech wishing all a successful and happy life. The party ended at 5:00 PM. With a heavy heart, I stood up, shook hand with my friends. I felt love and respect for everyone. I returned home with a gloomy heart. It is an unforgettable event of my life. I still enjoy the last day of the day.

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