Hihi88 Helps Bettors Identify Vay Ga Xau to Avoid 

In online cockfighting, it is extremely important for the cockfighter to recognize vảy gà xấu and good chicken scales. Normally, it will be very rare for fighting cocks with bad scales to be able to fight well and win. Therefore, you should immediately refer to the following information about vảy gà xấu that Hihi88 provides to pay attention when betting. 

What are vảy gà xấu?

While many people are looking for information about good chicken scales, many players are afraid to stay away from vảy gà xấu. The reason is because these chicken scales are the type of chicken scales that if the fighting chicken owns, it is difficult to give effective results.

Many Hihi88 cockers believe that chickens with bad scales will not be able to deliver beautiful, powerful blows to defeat their opponents. That’s why cockfighters are also interested in finding out which types of scales are bad, especially when betting on cockfighting.

Is farming effective if chicken scales are poor?

Raising a fighting chicken with poor scales will probably make many people feel extremely worried. Because many people always have the prejudice that chickens with poor scales cannot participate in fighting. But whatever the truth is, it’s best to see an expert’s opinion to feel secure. 

Many Hihi88 chicken experts believe that having chickens with poor scales is not necessarily a bad thing. Why is that? In fact, chicken scales are just one factor among many factors that determine whether a fighting cock plays well or not. Furthermore, when you look at the chicken scales and you see that these are not precious chicken scales, that is just an initial opinion, not sure of anything. 

There are many cases where chickens with bad scales but fight very well are due to effective farming methods. Therefore, if you want to raise fighting chickens, whether the scales are beautiful or not, you can still buy them and raise them. If you have a lot of experience in training chickens, you can completely rest assured whether the chicken scales are beautiful or ugly.

Suggesting a few types of vảy gà xấu you need to know

Although it is said that vảy gà xấu do not have much influence on whether the chicken fights well or not, for peace of mind, it is clear that you should own fighting chickens with rare scales. To know which are vảy gà xấu and distinguish them from valuable chicken scales, please read the following content carefully.

Scales open later

Scale open later

This is a type of chicken scale that you may encounter a lot. Chickens with posterior scales are chickens whose scales are located on the back of the chicken’s knee. These chickens are often underestimated because they are difficult to fight due to their scales and often do not have many good moves. At first glance, the scaly chicken appears to be quite intimidating, but in reality it is not a strong fighting chicken. 

Chrysanthemum scales

Chickens with double chrysanthemum scales are considered poor fighting chickens. So what kind of scales are double chrysanthemum scales? The song is 2, so the parallel chrysanthemum scale is a scale that has 2 small scales joined together. These 2 scales are placed in 2 adjacent positions, straight with the chicken spur. 

If a chicken has double chrysanthemum scales, it will be difficult to develop its strength because the chicken’s spurs are limited when making blows. However, if you raise them carefully, you can still raise these fighting chickens into strong fighting chickens. 

Lower rolled scales

Hihi88’s experts believe that chickens with lower handle scales are also considered chickens with bad scales. To identify, if a chicken has lower handle scales, the scales will be large and located between the chicken’s spur and the base of the chicken. With this type of chicken, even though they practice a lot, their fighting ability is still difficult to develop, so people usually raise chickens just for meat and rarely use chickens with lower handle scales as fighting chickens. 

Four diaphragm scales open

Let’s learn about another type of chicken scale, which is the tetrahedral scale. Chickens with these scales will have the characteristic of 4 (four) scales located close together. The size of each scale is small, so if you glance at it, it is difficult to recognize them. All 4 of these scales will be located under the chicken’s pillow and that is why it is very difficult for the chickens to develop their strength. 

The scales are square

The scales are square

Hihi88 would like to share more about the next ugly scale, which is the square octahedron scale. Eight is 8 in Sino-Vietnamese and the square scales of the eight refer to the fact that the chicken has up to 8 scales arranged in a square shape. All 8 scales will lie close together and looking at the shape of the 8 scales folded, people can easily think of Vuong. Although these 8 scales do not make the chicken weak, they are difficult to use in fighting. 

If you understand these bad cock scales, you can predict cockfighting results more accurately when participating in Hihi88. You should also take the time to read the website’s shared articles to get a lot of good information to apply immediately when placing bets.

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