How Regular Folks Are Building $10K Monthly Side Gigs

Before we go straight into today’s topic let me ask you 1 question. Like everyone you thought of financial independence at least once. Probably to make some serious bucks to make ends meet and improve your financial situation. I know I have. Probably the same thought has brought you to this page where you will learn how you can make a $10,000 side gig. Just stick with me till end and you will leave a wiser person for sure. But here’s the thing. While everyone and their cousin are falling prey to get-rich-quick schemes these days, the path to the habits for Building a $10,000 a month isn’t as mysterious as you might think.

I’ve spent the last few years picking the brains of people who’ve managed to build five-figure side hustles, and let me tell you, it’s been eye-opening. These aren’t trust fund kids or tech prodigies – they’re regular folks who’ve figured out a few key things that set them apart. Yes, some of them were successful bloggers and more about it at the end.

So, grab a coffee (or maybe something stronger) and let’s dive into the habits that separate the “wow, that’s a nice chunk of change” earners from the “holy crap, how did they do that?” crowd.

1. They Get Weirdly Specific

You’d think casting a wide net would be the way to go, right? Wrong. The biggest earners I talked to all had this in common: they zeroed in on a super specific niche and owned it.

Take my friend Sarah. She was a decent graphic designer, barely scraping by with generic gigs. Then she had this wild idea to focus exclusively on branding for eco-friendly startups. Sounds crazy narrow, doesn’t it? But get this – within a year, she was pulling in over $12K a month. Why? Because every tree-hugging entrepreneur with a dream and a budget knew exactly who to call.

The lesson? Don’t be afraid to get weird with it. Find that oddball intersection of what you’re good at and what a specific group of people desperately need.

2. They Obsess Over Money-Making Skills

Here’s a hard truth: not all skills pay the bills equally. The top earners I met were ruthless about prioritizing skills that directly impacted their bottom line. We’re talking:

– Learning to sell without feeling like a sleazeball

– Writing copy that doesn’t make people want to gouge their eyes out

– Figuring out the dark arts of digital marketing

– Actually managing projects without wanting to hide under the bed

My buddy John, an ex-software engineer, told me he spent two hours every morning for months practicing writing sales copy. “It was torture at first,” he admitted. “But once I could string together words that made people want to the throw money at the me, everything changed.”

3. They’re Stupidly Consistent (Even When It Sucks)

Building a fat side income isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, despite what your cousin’s Facebook posts might suggest. The real winners? They show up. Every. Damn. Day. Even when it feels pointless.

I interviewed Linda, who now rakes in north of $15K monthly from her YouTube channel. You know how many subscribers she had after her first year of posting twice a week, without fail? Less than 100. “There were days I wanted to chuck my camera out the window,” she told me. But she kept at it, and eventually, things snowballed.

4. They Price Like They’re Worth a Damn

This one’s a mindset shift that separates the big earners from the rest. They stopped thinking in terms of trading hours for dollars and started pricing based on the value they bring to the table.

It’s not easy, especially if you’re used to thinking “I’m worth $X per hour.” But once you make the switch, it’s game-changing. Tom, a business consultant I spoke with, went from charging a measly $100 an hour to basing his fees on the projected ROI for his clients. Now he’s consistently bringing in over $20K a month and working less.

5. They’re System Freaks

As your side gig grows, so does the chaos. The top earners I studied all had one thing in common: they were obsessed with creating systems to keep their sanity (and scale their income).

This meant things like:

– Automating the boring stuff

– Paying other people to do the things they suck at

– Creating step-by-step guides for everything (seriously, everything)

– Finding ways to make money while they sleep (hello, passive income)

By getting all this stuff out of their heads and into systems, they broke through income ceilings without working themselves into an early grave.

6. They’re Weirdly Okay With Sucking (For a While)

If there’s one trait that stood out among all the successful side hustlers I talked to, it’s this: they have an almost freakish ability to embrace sucking at things. They view every screw-up as a chance to get better.

This showed up in different ways:

– Throwing money at courses and training (even when it felt scary)

– Hunting down mentors who were crushing it

– Being willing to pivot when things weren’t working

Here’s the kicker: the road to $10K a month is messy. It’s full of face-plants and “what the hell am I doing?” moments. But by cultivating these habits and playing the long game, you’ve got a shot at joining the ranks of people who make their bank accounts as swole as their day job’s.

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Look, I get it. The idea of making $10K a month might sound like a pipe dream right now. But let’s get real for a second – every success story starts somewhere, and that somewhere could be your very own blog.

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Head over to, soak up their wisdom like a sponge, and who knows? This time next year, you could be the one writing about how you cracked the code to online success. Don’t just dream about that $10K – go out there and blog your way to it!

So, what’s it gonna be? Are you ready to shake things up and give this a real shot? Pick one of these habits and start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a fat side income. But with some grit, a bit of crazy, and a whole lot of persistence, you might just surprise yourself.

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