How to Check Jazz Number via SMS, USSD code and Call

How to Check Jazz Number via SMS, USSD code and Call

Often you meet your mates along the way and want to share contact numbers. You won’t remember if you’ve got a new Jazz SIM and want to give it your number. If you do not know how to search your jazz number immediately, it might be a little embarrassing.

An simple way to swap numbers is to get the phone number of your buddy and call his number. But what if you don’t have the balance to call her number? He will find you

Jazz doesn’t leave you alone in that situation. You can quickly find your number to share with your mates at any time. Here are some ways to check the specifics of your jazz number. I’m going to describe them all in various parts.

Checking Jazz Numbers: Check jazz numbers via text messages.

You can check your Jazz Number in different ways but the simplest and quickest way to get your numbers information via SMS. This is how jazz numbers can be checked via SMS.

Type and send “MNP” to 667. MNP is the “MY Number Please” acronym, and you get the details of the registered number, including your name, SIM number and CNIC number when you send “MNP” to the specified code. For the corresponding SIM card.

It works even if the balance is zero. But it works if you use the SIM for at least a week. You won’t be able to get the details if you received a new SIM card 2 or 3 days ago. If you send a message to 667, you will receive an answer with “number and name unknown.”

Check for jazz numbers using USSD code.

You can use USSD code to verify your jazz numbers. It offers you a free SIM card and free ownership details. Here’s how to check your USSD code for your jazz number.

To check your SIM number, go to the dialer and dial * 99 #.

You will find details of your number, name and registered ID number in a few seconds.

Check jazz numbers by call

If the two methods listed above are still confusing to verify your jazz number, here is a third number simple to use. By calling you can verify your SIM card number and ownership details. This is how to check by call your Jazz SIM.

Call the Jazz Helpline number “111.” The Jazz representative is going to ask you for some important information, such as your name, ID and IMSI number. IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identification, which is a special international number. It’s written on your SIM card’s back. You will get the details of your SIM card number when you provide all this information.

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