How to Check Ufone Sim Number, Ownership and Details

How to Check Ufone Sim Number, Ownership and Details

There is a short memory of many people around the world and they cannot recall their phone number. It’s embarrassing when an old friend meets you on the street, and you forget your own number while exchanging contact details.

Ok, not just little memory, sometimes you change your number and when you want to give it to friends and loved ones, you cannot recall your number.

Ufone is here to search your number really easily. This applies in particular to people who receive a new SIM and cannot recall their personal number. Ufone provides various ways of checking your number. You can easily check your SIM number to share with your friends and loved ones using these methods. So you can’t be embarrassed while Ufone is here. See the following processes.

Ways to check Ufone number

Method # 1

You must dial your number * 780 * 3 #. This shows you the number you use. Method works only with Ufone number.

Method # 2

Another way to search your telephone number is by calling your cell * 1 #. When you dial this USSD code, your Ufone number appears on the screen and you can verify which Ufone number you are currently using.

Method # 3

If you want to confirm your number using SMS, you have to type “MNP” in the message and send it to 667. This will reveal the Ufone number you are using immediately. It not only displays your number, but also indicates whether you are using the prepaid or postpaid link to your CNIC number and the date that this number is enabled.

Method # 4

Check it out if you want to check your phone number and have Internet access. This position is this To get your Ufone number numbers. This will, however, involve your CNIC.

So all the above strategies are easy and checked, mates. Method #3 often doesn’t fit. It’s quite useful, though. So, don’t give up. Don’t give up. The response can be sought later because of the busy scheme. Continue to use and enjoy Ufone services.


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