How to Check Zong Sim Number using Code Without Balance

How to Check Zong Sim Number using Code Without Balance

You can’t remember your phone number whenever you get a new SIM. Fortunately, if you are using a Zong SIM card, you can quickly check your number using a variety of methods. Many sites are explaining different codes to users to check their zoning number. Some require a balance, and some don’t even need a penny in your Zong account. But many of these methods do not work. I have already gone through this experience, and it was very annoying for me to get the right approach to check the zong number without any balance. Well, in the course of experiments, I have found some practical solutions, and I will share them with you all so that you will never go through the same jealousy as me.

So, here are the solutions to your problem.

Ways to check Zong SIM number

Method 1: Zong via USSD code

Zong has come up with a straightforward way to check your number. It is 100% working. You must first ask the number of your friend with whom you want to exchange your number.

You need to type * 100 # from your phone. This will show you some options. Answer with 1 and type your friend’s number in the box provided. It will send your number to your friend’s mobile with the message “Call”.

Therefore, it can save your number and also inform you of your Zong SIM number.

Method 2: By phone

Another easy way to get your Zong SIM number is to check the settings in your phone.

Follow the procedure below, and you will get your Zong SIM number in a few seconds.

  • Go to “Settings” on your phone.
  • Here, find the “About Phone” option. It may be in the “System” category.
  • Here, select the “Category” category where you need to tap the “SIM Status” option.
  • You will see the “My Phone Number” option here where your Zong number appears.
  • All these people! You can get your Zong SIM number at any time without calling the helpline.

Method 3: Through the Helpline

If you do not want to follow the above methods, you can take another very easy method. Call Zong’s helpline number. Zong’s representative will guide you through the required details. Follow the steps below.

Dial the Zong Helpline number “310” from your SIM. The representative will ask you for your name, your CNIC number, and your IMSI number. The IMSI number is printed on the back of the SIM you are using. Each SIM card has a unique IMSI number consisting of 15 digits.

So, after giving him all these details, you will get your Zong SIM number.

Remember that there is no need for balance in all these ways. If you have a balance of zero or less, the above procedures will still work.


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