How to Get Advance Balance in Telenor via SMS & USSD Code

How to Get Advance Balance in Telenor via SMS & USSD Code

Telenor Advance Balance is a convenience for your prepaid customers to cover emergencies when you are in dire need of a balance. Sometimes, your balance is not enough to make a call or send an SMS and you are in an emergency to call someone immediately. The blue bolt is that you are still unable to access any retailer’s store. Therefore, in such critical situations, Telenor is the only way to get an advance balance. Telenor allows you to get enough advancements to handle emergencies with great ease.

USSD code via Telenor Advance Balance

Telenor allows customers to find innovative balances in other ways. If you need some balance and you don’t know how to get it via SMS, you can also use the USSD code method.

Dial * 0 # from your Telenor number and get an advance balance which in other words is called Telenor Loan. You will get Rs. 15 using USSD code. The next time you recharge your account, the advance balance with tax is deducted from your account.

Terms & Conditions

Telenor’s advance balance service is available to all prepaid customers, including De Geos and TalkShak customers.

The service is not free. When you have the next recharge, you will have to pay Rs 3.5 + tax with an advance balance of Rs 15.

You can only use this service to get a loan. If you have already taken an advance balance, you are not eligible for a second loan.

Telenor prepaid customers are not required to maintain a special minimum balance in order to obtain an advance balance. The only restriction is to take advantage of the emergency balance first.


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