How to Protect data when the Smartphone is stolen?

How to Protect data when the phone is stolen

Smartphone skyrocketing prices have now made phones the focus of thieves. But not just the phone for you, the data inside the phone is even more critical. Going into the unsecured hands of the phone puts your bank accounts, your information, but your identity at risk.
So, it is best to do so early in the morning to minimize your loss by protect data of your phone. Because once the thief gets out of the smartphone. You are less likely to return the call.

Use the Anti-Theft App

Most of these apps remotely track the direction of the smartphone and pass the information to the relevant authority. Besides, it also offers the option of clearing data while away from the phone, but remember that it is essential to have your data stored somewhere (so you should back up data periodically). Cerberus for Android phones and M Spy for iPhone and prey are considered useful anti-theft applications.

Out of them, Serbs continues underground tracking by showing a fax shutdown to the smartphone. You can also turn on GPS while it’s away from the phone. Apart from these apps, photos, videos and sound can be recorded without getting the attention of the thief.
You have to pay annually to provide these services, but it is not a bad deal to protect expensive phones and valuable data.

Select Your Best Screen Lock

Your screen lock should be very secure, meaning no one can access your data with just one swipe. Fingerprints, face scans and passwords are all safe ways to choose the right password, to ensure you have access to the phone.

A good password that contains at least eight characters, including alphabets, numbers, and special characters, as it will be complicated for anyone to guess.

Secure Smartphone Startup

If you have the option to encrypt the data inside the device on both iPhone and Android, which requires a key or password and a password to understand it, The person who turned off the phone for fear of being tracked won’t be able to access your data.

Make Your Apps Secure, too.

Adding another layer of security will reduce your chances of reaching your data in shaky hands. You can protect the apps whose data protection you deem necessary by the AppLock app. You will also need a password to open different apps.

Use Smartphone Password Manager

Password Manager is an app that lets you create new and secure passwords every time, rather than just entering a password for your password-protected site after a pin or fingerprint scan.

With it you can easily change and enter the password for all the web sites without any difficulty, so you are protected from the risk of being hacked from all other websites in case one website gets hacked. Are.
What were all the premature steps to do after the phone was stolen?
First, you need to lock or turn off your SIM, which you have to use someone else’s phone.

Use the Smartphone Anti Theft Application Cerberus for Android phones and M Spy for iPhone
Use the Anti Theft Application Cerberus for Android phones and M Spy for iPhone

Then call the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) helpline 0800-2526 and enter the phone’s EMEI number to report the theft which will block the phone.

Access data from your anti-theft app and delete data. Immediately change all important passwords and report the theft of the phone to your bank and credit card companies.

If you find a mobile?

Even if you find your smartphone, clean it up and do a factory reset and delete everything if a spyware app (meaning an app designed to spy on you) gets released.

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