How to Unblock Pta Blocked Phone

How to Unblock Pta Blocked Phone

In this article, I will guide you about How to Unblock Pta Blocked Phone.

Cell phones that are not registered with the operators are blocked by the order of the Mobile Telephony Authority of Pakistan (PTA) due to a lack of proper authorization.

One main purpose of PTA is to make sure that the mobile devices are imported into Pakistan from the proper channels and not smuggled through Afghanistan or India. If you bring a phone that was acquired from Pakistan to the USA you will find yourself with certain restrictions as to what you can do with the phone. 

After your return to Pakistan, it is important to get your mobile phone registered with PTA otherwise it could be blocked after some time and your SIM will not work in Pakistan.

The government allows you to register an additional device for free if you bring several devices to Singapore from another country. You should register the types of equipment and pay tax for the unit to use it for a long time.

If you want to stay in Pakistan for a short period, you do not need to register a cell phone with the authority.

How to Unblock Pta Blocked Phone in 2 Simple Steps

1. Register.

First, you must register on your PTA website. The first step is to build a new account by signing up as a new user.

Please provide your full names, surnames, city, phone number, email, national identification card number, passport number, password to log in, and do not forget this password at all.

Step 2: Now log into your account, and then submit.

After signing up, you’ll receive a connection for your official account activation. When you register your phone, you will have to pay a tax based on your annual subscription and the quantity of newly registered phones.

You can also add the IMEI number of your unit if you are using a dual sim phone. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15-digit alphanumeric number that can be found on each mobile phone

Step 3: Pay Tax If Required.

After submitting the request, the window shows my PSID and COC number. You will also know the amount of your unit at the time of payment.

You have to pay the taxes to Major banks including Nat Bank, MCB, Allied Bank, and others too. You can pay these taxes by credit card, internet banking, or ATMs.

If you pay the tax, you will get a message that your unit is now PTA acceptable.

FAQS(How to Unblock Pta Blocked Phone)

Can a blocked phone be unblocked?

If your cell phone is identified as missing or stolen from your network, you can get your mobile phone blocking removed. I suggest you contact your network provider about unblocking your phone number.

Can a blocked IMEI be unblocked?

A T-Mobile IMEI unblocking service only works with a particular carrier. It removes the carrier’sblack list’ on the database. If the pry tool is disabled, you can use your iPhone or Android device normally again.

How do I know if my PTA is blocked?

You can check the IMEI number by sending a text message to 8484 or visit to find the IMEI number. PTA will respond to tell whether or not it is a member.

How do I register my PTA block on my phone?

PTA set up Device Registration & Blocking Program (DIRBS). Consumers can register their devices by visiting the website or by calling *8484#.

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