Investors are Upbeat as WELL3 Lists $WELL Token on Bybit and Bitget and!

With the high volatility of the crypto market and the increasing rate at which a significant number of crypto projects fail, investors are always excited to see good and positive results from the projects they invest in. On July 3, 2024, WELL3 announced it had listed its $WELL token on three exchanges (Bybit, Bitget and The announcement was cheered by investors, especially early adopters who trusted in the project and its team from the very beginning.

As the biggest Web3 wellness platform revolutionizing personal health data management, listing its native token on two leading exchanges further highlights the quality and experience of the team behind the project. The listing increases investors’ confidence in the project and its future potential in the industry.  

According to the official press release from WELL3, the $WELL token will be available for trading on the following exchanges (Bybit, Bitget and on July 3, 10:00 AM UTC. The token address is 0x63696Fc66795B51d02c1590b536484A41fbDDF9a. After the token listing, the team plans to initiate a series of token-based campaigns and competitions that will help promote the $WELL token.

The listing also allows WELL3 to reward its early adopters across multiple exchanges. Those who missed buying into $WELL at the early stage can do so once it gets listed.

The $WELL token is vital in on-chain decision-making (governance) and purchasing products and services (utility) within the WELL3 network. There are 42 billion $WELL tokens in maximum supply, with 71% of it earmarked for community-oriented activities. The token serves five major functions, which are as follows:

  • The token powers WELL3’s Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) by serving as it is used to incentivize community members who securely share health information and take part in certain designated activities.
  • $WELL also helps enable multichain transactions to ensure the WELL3 network provides its community with a seamless and efficient transactional experience.
  • WELL3 users receive rewards in $WELL tokens for participating and agreeing to share their undisclosed health information by engaging with WELL3’s ingenious line of wearable devices.
  • The token helps facilitate the decentralized identity services by enabling the WELL ID and decentralized ID development and management.
  • $WELL token is the WELL3 network’s native currency and can be used for purchases within the platform.

With the token, the WELL3 community can access the different decentralized applications within the network, and they can shape the future of the platform. 

It is a pioneering and revolutionary web3 wellness platform designed to transform health data management by modifying it into valuable rewards. Leveraging its WELL ID and $WELL token, WELL3 has redefined health information management through its DePIN. With the combination of DePIN, Decentralized Identity, and advanced AI mapping, the platform is reshaping the future of health information management. WELL3 helps users fully control their personal data without external influence or breach.

Since its inception, WELL3 has onboarded over a million users and is committed to broadening its ecosystem to create more value for users. Supported by globally renowned investors like the Spartan Group, Animoca Brands, Newman Group, Soul Capital, and Fenbushi Capital, WELL3 is on track to revolutionize the wellness industry.

With the $WELL token at the center of the WELL3 ecosystem, the platform aims to revolutionize health data ownership and customized health solutions to enable a future where we all have control of our data. For more information about the token listing or WELL3 in general, kindly visit the project’s official website.

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