iPhone 30 Pro Max Price in Pakistan 512Gb Uk USA Free

iPhone 30 Pro Max Price in Pakistan 512Gb Uk USA Free

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It’s time to talk about some more iPhone 14 news so another highlighter report that I want to talk about today is the new a16 and of course,

will be a faster chip but there’s also going to be a new cooling design i want to talk more about this and also do a summary of everything we know so far including the iPhone 14 release date and price. So that’s right guys there are ready leaks and reports the next-generation

iPhone now straight away a lot of you are probably saying the iPhone 13 has just been announced and you’re already talking about the next-generation iPhone 14 how could this be if apple have just created the last iPhone well believe it or not the iphone 14 has already been in production in design for the last couple of years, for example,

iPhone 30 Pro Max Price in Pakistan 512Gb Uk USA Free
iPhone 30 Pro Max Price in Pakistan 512Gb Uk USA Free

the original first-generation ipad was a   prototype in the early 2000s around six or seven years before it actually got released in 2009   another good example is with the original ipad air where tim cook an interview after its launch in 2013 said that steve who was referring to as steve jobs was very proud of the ipad air project   if you didn’t know sadly steve jobs passed away at the end of 2011.

so as you can see apples are   always working on future generation products even if they’re about to launch their latest product   so lots of ideas and renders are already flying around as you can see in this video   but let’s go over a couple of reports and then let’s talk about the iphone 14’s release date  

iPhone 30 Pro Max Price in Pakistan 512Gb Uk USA Free

then followed by a summary of the main features we know so far including the price so let’s talk   about that new calling design for the iphone 14. so reporters coming from minchi quo has said the   next generation of iphone will be getting a brand new calling system in the 2022 phones  

iPhone 30 Pro Max Price In Uk

quo talks further about the fact that apple been working on a vapour system   to keep the new a16 chip cooler and yet push the chipset harder because of this cooling technology   as we know right now all iphones can get a bit toasty after doing some heavy gaming or say  

recording some 4k video for a long period of time so this new vapor system is something that we are   going to see and it’s going to be great to have it inside the iphones at last many other smartphone   makers out there including samsung oneplus razer and a few others have been using this  

iPhone 30 Pro Max Price In USA

type of technology for a couple of years now and they’ve been seeing some great results in keeping   such chipsets like the snapdragon 888 cooler and pushing more performance out of these chips so   it’s great to see that apple are finally going to be applying this to their mobile a series chipsets  

in years to come going forwards but as all these reports are still early this leads me on nicely   to say that all reports and leaks are not 100 proof they will come true in the next generation   iphone i can only present to you what i’ve been told and shown however if you are watching this  

iPhone 30 Pro Max Price In India

video then you’re as curious as i am in knowing what is going to be inside the next iphone anyway   whether it will come true or not so guys really good news we’ve hit over 260 000 subscribers   so i’m going to be revealing of the winner of this brand new ipad pro to one lucky subscriber  

very very soon but just quickly something i wanted to mention was sadly on this community and also my   videos there are some scammers out there who are pretending to be me they have names very similar   to myself or for example they tell you to whatsapp them with a phone number as you can see some of  

these comments right here i want to tell you right now this is not me and the best way you can check   to see if it’s me or not is to actually click onto the person’s profile and see how many subscribers   they’ve got as i’ve just spoken about this channel has just got over 260 000 subscribers so if you   can see that the person’s only got like three or four subscribers then you know it’s definitely  

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not me who is sending you those messages as i have said multiple times in my videos   i’m only doing the giveaway when we hit a target amount of subscribers so like 260 000 subscribers   so very soon i will be picking the winner but if you do come across any of these scammers just  

ignore them for the time being and in my actual giveaway video i’m going to be showing you a way   how to get rid of those scammers all together and help make this channel an even better community   but do stay posted guys i am going to be revealing who the winner is of this ipad pro but if you   haven’t yet entered you can still enter right now and all i want to know from you guys to get your  

iPhone 30 Release Date

hands possibly on this ipad pro is basically what apple gear are you planning to buy in 2021 or what   apple gear have you already bought in 2021 write it down in the comments below and like i said   very very soon i’m going to be picking a winner and you’ll know it’s me because

if you click on   my profile there’ll be 260 000 plus subscribers to actually be picking that person so keep an eye   out i will be picking very soon let’s go back to the video though so let’s do the release date next   so based on everything going well through

iPhone 30 Pro Max Real Price

the end of 2021 into summer 2022 it is believed that the iPhone 14 pro and another iphone 14 models will be out to the end of september 2022   how is it possible to work this out you may ask well it’s quite simple and it’s quite logistic   when you really think about it let’s do a quick summary of

how we’ve got to here by doing a quick summary of the last 10 years of iphone model release dates so if we go back to the iPhone   4s in 2011 this classic iphone came out on October 14th that year then skip a year to 2012 with the iPhone 5 it was September 21st 2012.

iPhone 30 Release Date

then let’s skip a few years ahead of 2016 where it   was the iphone 7 and the 7 plus and the release year for that was September 16th in 2019 we saw   the release of the iphone 10s on September 21st and the 10r on october 26th and last   year for example with the iPhone 30 Release Date

iphone 12 models the release dates were october 23rd to November 13th   now mainly you can see release dates haven’t either been kind of mid-end September to kind   of end October if there’s something special coming out or something a bit different   iPhone 30 Release Date

with the main exception of 2021 where it was a bit unusual for the iphone 12 to come out a bit later   but this was due to covid so we did have a release on all the models however this year in 2021 we’re   back on schedule with the iphone 13 and that’s being released at the end of September with   all four models having a date of their release of September 24th so for 2022 apple will be planning   an event just before this happens however

we’ll see another event for other apple products like   that MacBooks Ipads apple watch airports and loads more other bits and pieces around that time and if   you want more info about those products do check out my other videos on this channel and make sure   you hit the subscribe button and notification bell to get the latest news on them so let’s do   a summary of what we know so far for the iPhone 30 Release Date

iphone 14 models including the prices so these details   may change as they go along but right now at the moment the iphone 14 mini is still on the cards   but it might be ditched for 2022 but we’ll have to wait and see but for now let’s stick with it so it  

should be getting a 5.4 inch led display with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 and this will still be   a 60 hertz refresh panel on the small device it’s very similar to the 12 mini and the 13 mini but iPhone 30 Release Date

  this time it will come with six gigabytes of ram storage again will start at 128 gigabytes and also   give the option of 256 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes storage options if the chipset inside the iPhone  

14 will be an a16 bionic and this will have four efficiency calls and two performance cores and   also will have a four core gpu the body will be an aluminium body there’ll be a dual camera setup on  

the back and the battery size will be very similar to what we’ve got right now so 2405 milliamp   and also the base model of this model at 128 gigabytes will start at 699 us dollars   next for the iphone 14 it will come again in a 

iPhone 30 Release Date

6.1 inch led display and it will have a resolution of 2532 by 1170 at the moment leaks are reporting that i’ll have a 60 hertz refresh display but you   never know this might be up to 120 hertz or even 90.

there’s also going to be six gigabytes of ram   inside this phone and storage will start at 128 gigabytes all the way up to 512 gigabytes as your   storage options again it’ll have that a16 bionic with four efficiency cores

2 performance cores and   a 4 core gpu again there’ll be an aluminium body dual camera setup and a 3095 milliamp battery size   this base model will be coming in at 799 us dollars for the 128 gigabyte option   after this we have the iphone 14 pro and again this is a very similar body to what we’ve got   with the iphone 14 normal it’ll have a

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6.1 inch oled display with a resolution of 2532 by 1170   it will also get that 120 hertz pro motion display again and this time it will have eight gigabytes   of ram and storage options from 128 gigabytes all the way to one terabyte there will be an   a16 bionic chipset inside this as well with four efficiency cores two performance cores  

iPhone 14 Realese Date

but this time it will have a five core gpu the actual frame is sustained the sterile frame and   also there is a triple camera setup on the back with a lidar sensor again the battery size is 3095   milliamps and the base model of the 128 gigabyte model will start at 999 us dollars then finally  

we have the iphone 14 pro max this will have a 6.78 inch oled display 2778 by 1280 resolution   with that 120 hertz pro motion display again there will also be eight gigabytes of ram in this model   and then storage options will be 128 gigabytes all the way up to one terabyte again that a16   bionic will be inside with four efficiency cores two performance cores and a five core gpu the body  

will be a stainless steel body and there’ll be a triple camera setup with a lidar sensor and the   actual battery size will be a 4352 milliamp and inside this model if you want to get it at 128   gigabytes it will cost you 1099 us dollars for the base model so as i’ve said before it’s very early  

days so a lot of these details may change all the way up to the iphone 14 models launch however   remember i’ll be giving you the latest updates the moment

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i hear them coming in so it’s time to wrap   up this video so if you have enjoyed watching it please do press the like button and at the same   time as well if you want to hear the latest apple news reviews and comparisons please also hit that   subscribe button followed by the notification bell until next time guys i’ll see you soon

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