Jazz Advance Balance Code: How to get loan in Mobilink?

How to get loan in Mobilink Jazz

Jazz has become a leading provider of telecom services to a wide range of Pakistani customers. It offers customers many services including call packages, SMS packages, Internet devices & smartphone packs etc. In the presence of so many inexpensive bundles, instant calls cannot run out of control. Or message. But no one can predict any bolts in blue. Like other telecom companies, Jazz looks after your emergency needs.

Sometimes, you urgently need a balance for an emergency call or instant message. Unfortunately, you can’t find a nearby source to recharge your account. Like other telecom companies, Mobilink Jazz gives you a sense of relief in such emergencies. It offers Jazz Advance Balance service to its customers to meet critical times. However, the offer is not unconditional. Here, I am going to explain how to get Jazz Advance Balance using SSD code.

Subscribe to Jazz Advance Balance / Jazz Loan Service

  • Go To your phone Dialer
  • Dial * 112 # And Press on “Call” to make this USSD available to the network.
  • In a few seconds, you’ll receive a confirmation message that you have successfully subscribed to Jazz Advance.
  • If you have finished the purchasing process, you will receive Rs. 15 advance in your account within 4 hours if your account balance falls below Rs. 15.

Unsubscribe from Jazz Advance Balance / Jazz Loan Service

If you no longer wish to use the offer, you may unsubscribe. To unsubscribe from the Jazz Advance Balance service you need to follow these important steps.

  • Go to your phone Dialer.
  • Type * 112 * 4 # & press on the Call Button to apply the company’s USSD code.
  • Wait a while until you receive a message that you have successfully subscribed to the Jazz Advance Balance service.
Activity code Inactive code Charges Advance balance
Dial * 112 # Dial * 112 * 4 # Rs 3.50 (Incl.Tax) Rs

Terms & Conditions

  • All component prepaid customers are offered the Advance Balance service, independently of the packages they currently use.
  • You cannot make use of this deal if you are a postpaid Jazz consumer.
  • This specialised service is not available free of charge. If you subscribe to the Jazz Advance Balance Service, 15 + + 3.50 will be deducted on the next bill.
  • Jazz users have the option to receive only one Jazz Advance Balance at a time.
  • If the account balance is more than Rs. 15, you will not get Jazz Advance. When your balance falls below Rs. 15, you will automatically get a jazz loan in your account.

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