Attock Petroleum Limited APL Jobs Senior Officer Commercial Fuels

Attock Petroleum Limited APL Jobs Senior Officer Commercial Fuel:

Attock Petroleum Limited is a leading oil marketing companyr Senior Officer (Commercial Fuel) – In the consumer sales department. Education: B.Sc. / بی کام. Experience: Preferably 1-3 years in OMC. Location: Lahore and Rawalpindi. Number of positions: Two (2)
Responsible for assisting in charge of day-to-day sales.

Total position: 2
Job type: Permanent
Place of employment: Lahore and Rawalpindi
Class: Men
Age: 26 to 30 years
Minimum education: Bachelors
Degree title: B.Sc./
Career level: Middle career
Required Experience: 1 to 3 years
Required Travel: not required
Apply by: 05/27/2021

Job Description:

  • Assist in day to day operational matters for execution of orders.
  • Review and update prices (from time to time) and follow up with Finance
  • Arranging meetings with potential leads, answering inquiries under the supervision of the in-charge, sending the new customer to the new location for confirmation of freight charges.
  • Dealing with customer transactions / complaints by involving internal stakeholders to resolve product quantity / quality issues.
  • Collaborate with a new customer to open an account.
  • Preparing and sending price quotes to relevant industrial customers. Follow up with customers for feedback on pricing and receipt / execution of orders.
  • Prepare sales reports on a daily basis.
  • Receipt of payment instruments against the user’s order and notification of payment to the Department of Finance and Logistics
  • Coordinate with customer demand / order application, finance, logistics and operations at various supply points to ensure timely execution.
  • Coordinate with customers for information on delivery status / schedules.
  • In the case of credit users with the fund team, reconcile the account with the user by sending details with credit recovery.
  • Coordination with the APL Paying Team in Finance for timely receipt of debit notices and processing of debit notices for consumer product shortage claims.
  • Sending customer return claims to the head office and checking refunds.
  • Maintain filing and documentation records.

Skills required: Good communication, customer handling, negotiation and multitasking skills


Attock Petroleum Limited APL Jobs Senior Officer Commercial Fuel