CocaCola Icecek Pakistan Jobs Field Sales Executive

Coca-Cola Isaac Pakistan Jobs Field Sales Executive:

Coca-Cola Isaac is looking for Pakistan Field Sales Executive (Reporting to: Area Sales Manager) Sargodha.

Mission Statement: Achieve the secondary sales target by ensuring maximum availability and execution of the company’s products at each outlet as directed by the company and act as the custodian of the company’s assets in the market.

Important responsibilities

  1. Volume and NSR
    Recommend new packages to ensure quantitative quantities and fulfillment of NSR targets
    Ways to generate more sales. Predict accurate secondary sales for its area.
  2. Manually extensible
    To ensure that new outlets are built and maintained in accordance with targets and area capabilities.
  3. SFE KPI’s
    Analyze SFE KPIs and suggest ways to improve them. To make sure that
    Sales information systems related to its area are clean, accurate and up to date
    On a regular basis.
  4. Outlet implementation
    To ensure that daily in-out execution by their team is carried out in accordance with PicOS & RED
    Quality, ensure proper implementation of all marketing measures in its area.
  5. Competitive Intelligence
    Monitoring and reporting on competitor activity in its assigned area and proposing its methods
    Their competition
  6. Luggage management
    Supervise / ensure proper injection and maximum utilization of assets in the company
    Market ie cooler, glass, shell, indicator, outlet activation material.
  7. Customer Relationship / Account Management
    Maintain customer cooperation and relationships with all customers in your area
    Make sure they stay loyal. Ensure proper handling of all customer complaints
    Maintain up-to-date fact sheets on each one in a timely manner as per company guidelines
    User. He is also responsible for tracking and resolving market accounts in a timely manner
    (Glass, accounts receivable, rebates, DME etc.)
  8. Distribution management
    Responsible for advance ordering, receivable, stock management
  9. Team management
    Responsible for training and preparing advance sales and supply teams.
  10. Implementation of new system measures

Candidate Education

  • Preferably a master’s degree
  • Bachelor Degree Apply
CocaCola Icecek Pakistan Jobs Field Sales Executive

Coca-Cola Isaac Pakistan Jobs Field Sales Executive