Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer – How to Subscribe

Jazz has announced a monthly Super Doper offer package. This package includes call minutes for on-network and off-network. This offer includes free internet data and SMS. Jazz announced this amazing offer last year. Now Jazz has increased the value and use of this offer.

Details of Jazz Monthly Super Doper Offer

Offer: –

  • 6 GB data
  • 3000 Jazz Menz
  • 150 other network mines
  • 3000 SMS


The subscription fee is 621 PKR (inclusive of tax). Minimum recharge required is 69999 PKR.

How to subscribe?

Users can subscribe Jazz Monthly Super Doper Offer by dailing * 706 #


Accuracy of Jazz Monthly Super Doper Offer However 30 days, this package is invincible ie after 30 days you have to subscribe again.

How to check status Monthly Super Doper Offer?

Users can check status. By sending mail on remaining data, minutes and SMS * 706 * 2 #.

Terms & Conditions:

All free minutes offered will be posted at the time of subscription and 30 calendar days will end at 23:59.

Free minutes / SMS / data will be able to be used 24 hours a day (no time limit).

Data MBs are useful on both 3G and 4G.

This offer is for a limited time so the company can change the prices at any time.

If you stop using it, you will be charged 2.25 / MB.

If you do not subscribe to any bundles or packages, Jazz will deduct 5 / MB.

Jazz Monthly Super Doper Offer


Jazz users can take advantage of this offer with a balance of 621 PKR. Recharge 699 to avail this offer. This offer is valid for one month. The time will end on the 30th day at 12 o’clock in the morning. There is no time limit for using free data, minutes and SMS. The additional MB will cost 2.25 PKR after all uses. If you do not have a package, the price of MB is 5 PKR.

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