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There are many options that people choose to start their careers. Some want to go into the medical sector, or try to get a job in some banks. Tech and research is a career path that is chosen only by those who have the desire. People like that want to make a name for themselves. Sometimes their inspiration helps in the development of their country. The modern tech of all humanity is the result of years of research. KRL jobs provide you with startups so you can help with advance research. For this, they advertise any upcoming open post.

There is no shortage of talent in our country. The only thing missing is the availability of opportunities. KRL gives you an opportunity to get the job of your dreams. Taking care of your financial needs, the body helps you focus on your work. Wages are the main reason people look for jobs. Even if they get a shot at their job, even if the wages aren’t fair. To promote research for the development of our country, the body offers you a stable career. The government runs the institute and provides adequate funding. But wages are not the only reason to get a job.

People want a job that pays well and is respected by others. By working here, you will gain respect. You will earn enough to support your family. But there are some rules for getting these jobs. This is a research institute, so your expertise is just to get into it. If you are not able to do this job well then you will not be needed in this institute. The body makes sure that its recruiter works according to the job. It sets out certain requirements that applicants must meet before applying. From here, learn more about these jobs. Learn the salaries and wages of these jobs. Please also take a look at its current open positions.

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Details of latest KRL jobs

Organization Khan Research Laboratories (KRL)
Education At least graduate
Location Islamabad and across Pakistan
Last updated April 18, 2021

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Information about Khan Research Laboratories

There is a rich history of the body behind it. It began as a nuclear weapons research institute. KRL started operating in 1976. Initially, it was under the control of the army. Acting as a top secret unit, its services provided significant support to the nuclear program. But this body is no longer under the control of the army. But its specialty in making HEUs is superior to the rest. The Ministry of Energy will now oversee the institute. Its basic research is the same as before with the addition of supercomputers and modern technology.

In Pakistan, it serves as a leading place for science and tech research. The contents of his services include not only extensive education in the energy sector. In this institute, you can see all the relevant research. The body tests advanced computers. To co-operate with Pakistan in this field. Space research is also a part of this institute. Many educational institutions are associated with it. One of them is GCU Lahore. The other is Karachi University. The outstanding capabilities of these two organizations are added to this site every year.

List of available job positions

  • Engineer
  • IT Officer
  • Scientific officer
  • Admin officer
  • Store officer
  • Lecturer
  • Driver
  • Accounts Officer
  • Lab attendant
  • Supervisor

KRL Job Requirements

The basic requirement to be an applicant here is your age limit. The minimum age for starting posts is 21 years. The maximum age limit for these basic posts can go up to 40 years. When you go to higher positions, age standards also increase. For senior jobs, the range is between 40 and 55 years. Freshers join the site after completing their graduate degree. They do not need any work experience to start their career. But bodybuilders are also welcome to join the team.

Experience requirements are very strict here. For positions such as Senior Engineer, the required area is 3 to 7 years of space skills. Requirements for Team Leads Minimum of 10 years of experience in fields or disciplines. Education is the first requirement of your job. Without information on this topic, you can’t do any possible research. The minimum standard for applicants is a graduate degree. Candidates with an engineering degree can also apply. For higher rankings and senior level positions, this scale is on the rise. Minimum requirement is postgraduate or PhD.

Salary and benefits

Jobs in KRL offers you a lot of employee benefits. The wages they pay are second to none. The basic 30k PKR for junior posts starts every month. They go up to 45k PKR per month. As the position increases in wages, so does the strength. For senior positions of researcher and engineer, the salary is 80k to 100k PKR per month. This mileage fee attracts a lot of applicants to join the site. Since this agency works for the government, the benefits it brings are uncertain.

The elite class is the holidays and vacations paid to its employees. After working some time and putting their efforts to work, workers get some time off. This helps them to balance their work better. Sick workers can easily get sick for pay. The institute provides flexible working hours to its employees. Workers have full job security. They get a monthly salary. Its medical benefits are on another level. Employees get dental and vision benefits. They enjoy life and health insurance. The retirement plan is one of the best here. This shows that the body takes care of its employee even after retirement.

How to apply for KRL jobs?

Now you have some idea about KRL jobs and its benefits. You know that for people who are looking for a job in a research institute, it is their first choice. You have an insight into its needs. In its job advertisements, you can find all your information to be an applicant. After reading the criteria, you can judge if you are eligible. Assume cage. If you think you are eligible then all that is left is for you to take a shot at your seats. Apply online to become an applicant here.

The KRL recruitment process consists of three stages. First, you take a central test that proves your knowledge. Getting good grades here sends you to the second step. At this stage, the institute conducts a medical examination to check your health. Assuming you are in good health, you will enter the final stage of selection. This is the HR interview. Show your passion and innovation during this interview. Prepare well and get the post. You can apply by following the steps below.

  • Visit its official website.
  • Create a new account with the website.
  • Go to a career and choose your job.
  • Apply by filling out a job application form.
  • Give them your valid credentials.
  • Pay the application fee and submit the form.

If your form is OK and you fit the eligibility criteria, you will get an answer soon.

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Job title Place of employment the process
Scientific officer Rawalpindi, Pakistan