Jobs May 2021 Jobs May 2021:

Warehouse manager
About work
Ensure timely execution of orders as per SOP
Make sure all stocks arrive are inspected thoroughly for damage from arriving vendors and separated at the storage location according to the storage plan.
Make sure all incoming stock is tagged with a barcode and scanned with location / bin scanning for the item being placed and delivered to 3PL.
– Manage the physical count and ensure that the physical count is performed as described in the SOP.
Find new opportunities in work areas for improvement
Monitor staff performance and tailor them to requirements
Stock inventory must maintain 100 accurate VS physical systems.
Report any discrepancies in stock
Optimal optimization of warehouse space, resources and storage areas
Traditional duties will be performed as required by the company
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree required in supply chain or equivalent field
-5 to 10 years experience in warehouse operations, inventory management or any similar role
Be aware of e-commerce or retail inventory management
– Be able to handle 3PL / logistics management efficiently

Experience: 5-10 years
Please resume sharing [email protected]
Location: Model Town, Lahore

Software Engineer – Lam
About work
Engineer all the time for starters: As a beginner developer, you will play a vital role in developing experiences for our buyers and sellers.
Collaborate with the founding team: you will get it
Work with our founding team (formerly Microsoft, formerly Facebook)
Create experiences for millions of users around the world
– Together: Founder, Engineer, Designer, and Product Manager. Everyone helps explain our strategy and roadmap.
About you
– You are a world class software engineer.
– You have the basic principles of computer science
– You are aware of the business. You understand that design drives customer behavior and customer behavior drives the business metrics
You have a bias towards action. You see, speed is the key to an early start
– You care about the end result of your work. Have a critical eye for your details and you have a passion for excellence and a great UX / UI

  • 1+ years experience in building web and mobile applications
  • Experiment with Google App Engine and Google Cloud
  • You have a keen interest in creating web applications
  • Experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive, nodes
  • The experience of developing Shoppe app and custom coding will be a plus

Please resume sharing [email protected] With the subject
Location: Model Town, Lahore. Jobs May 2021