Labor Day 2021 – History of Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated on May 1 every year. It is a day that celebrates the unity and goodwill of the working class around the world. Why Labor Day is being observed on May 1 and what were the reasons that May 1 was declared as Labor Day will be explained.

Earlier in the industrial age, where workers in Asia and Africa were living a miserable life, the working class in Europe and the United States is also living a low standard of living, working 16-18 hours a day. They are receiving very little wages compared to 16-18 consecutive working hours. This payment of wages is not enough to meet all their basic needs and they are forced to live face to face with each other.

On May 1, 1886, a large protest took place in Chicago. About 400,000 workers took part in the protest, demanding that working hours be reduced to eight hours. Chicago police attacked the worker, killing and injuring several. Then, in 1887, the government designated and hanged many labor leaders, such as Angel, Fisher, etc., in false cases. Then in 1891, many trade unions in France recognized May 1 as Labor Day. Today, in many countries of the world like China, India, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain is celebrating May 1st as Labor Day. In the United States, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands are also celebrating the first Monday in September. Every year, Labor Day governments around the world declare a public holiday to make working life easier.

Labor Day 2021 - History of Labor Day

Slogan 8 hours work – 8 hours rest and 8 hours social

The main slogan of the 100,000 workers in the Chicago Protest (1886) was that they need to work 8 hours while they want to rest and do social activities for the remaining hours. We can understand this slogan from a mathematical example. In a whole day, there are 24 hours and if we divide it into three parts, it will come to 8 hours for work and 8 hours for rest (usually sleep) and social activities (friends, relatives, outings, Gaming, etc.).

The labor community is playing an important role in the development and prosperity of the country. The purpose of Labor Day is to make the necessary arrangements to make working life easier. But it is unfortunate to say that to this day the working class has not received the rights it deserved. While people are celebrating and enjoying public holidays, workers are also working in different places and organizations on this day.

We can say that even after 135 years of labor, there is no major change for workers all over the world. Still, the working class suffers from fundamental problems, not adequate wages or wages. Even the government is announcing the minimum wage for workers, but a study has found that 80% of companies, factories, etc. are not paying the minimum wage set by the government. ۔ The idea of ​​trade unions is not common in organizations either. At present, private companies, commercial banks, institutes do not allow any trade union within the company.

Code 19 and Labor Day

کوویڈ۔ 19 affects the whole world, everything is disturbed because of Covid-19. This epidemic severely affects the lives of workers. The working class is fighting this epidemic against health and food. Employment opportunities have shrunk due to Cove-19 and thousands of workers have lost their jobs. The working class is suffering the most in this global epidemic. The government should pay attention to this community and provide basic needs like health and food.

Labor Day 2021

How to improve the quality of labor community life

Despite the Labor Movement, which began in 1886 and is still more than a hundred years old today, working life is of a low standard and does not match that of other groups in the culture. The question is how the life of the laborer can be approved and who is responsible for ensuring that the labor laws are strictly followed.

Fix Wage Implementation (Minimum) Law.

Most of the time the government announces the minimum amount that should be paid to the wage as the minimum wage. But since the announcement, 80 percent of companies and employers have not followed the rules and government regulations. There should be punishment for those who are not following, as well as direct access to government officials to lodge complaints against their factory / employer if they are not receiving the minimum amount.

Establishment of trade unions

Earlier, in the 19th century, there was a concept of trade unions in government as well as in private. But over time, companies are banning trade unions to protect themselves from labor demand. One solution is that trade unions should be allowed to negotiate with wage management.