LiveWire Labs Jobs PHP Developer

LiveWire Labs Jobs PHP Developer:

Organization: LiveWire Labs
Position: PHP Developer

Job description


Develop, record and maintain web-based PHP applications using industry-standard tools and techniques.
crit The ability to think critically, to research, and to solve problems creatively.
Write PHP and efficient MySQL based on all clean objects.
Conducting unit testing and deployment in software development.
Perform database administration and development, as well as web development.
Ag work to agile development standards and participate in all assigned projects as a SCRUM team member.
All Record and update JIRA in a timely manner to report all your assigned tasks and user stories.


Must have BSc degree.
Must have at least 02 years of work experience
• Expert level knowledge of PHP programming and at least one popular MVC framework
Expert in HTML HTML coding, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular JS and JQuery
Notable knowledge of web technology including extensive knowledge of web bootstrap, JS
Experience in common shared third party APIs (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

Candidates who meet the above criteria can apply [email protected] (Mention the position in the article line).

LiveWire Labs Jobs PHP Developer