Mahee International Jobs Administration/Compliance Officer

International Employment Management / Compliance Officer:

Organization: Mahi International
We look forward to hiring you for this position Administration / Compliance Officer.

The main focus of the job will be:

  • Create reports based on purchase orders, requirements, letters and Excel
  • Prepare and maintain documents in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 QMS
  • Ensure compliance with utility bills, fares, etc.
  • Maintain and manage the movement of goods.
  • Arrange repair and maintenance works.
  • Oversee home care activities.

Candidate should be well versed in MS Office (Word and Excel).

The full-time job site is located on site, Karachi.

Please send your CV [email protected] And mention ‘Administration / Compliance Officer’ in the subject line.

Mahi International Jobs Administration / Compliance Officer