PEDO Jobs 2021 – Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization

The power generation industry in our country is responsible for power generation and supply. Being a huge industry, it consists of many sub-industries, therefore, opening up the portal to numerous job opportunities. Candidates who want to work in the energy development domain can apply for PEDO jobs. In general, such industries are either small start-ups or giants. In this case, Pedo is one of the largest power generating companies in the country. So far, it is looking for candidates who are capable and able to showcase their best creativity.

The easiest way to ensure you secure your finances is to work at a PEDO. In addition, it ensures that you develop the best skills and abilities compared to employees working in other electrical industries. The Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization controls the training of its personnel at a high level. To streamline the process, they have the best training department and top professionals. Due to their latest advertisement, they have also posted a list of vacancies along with their details and application form. We were able to gather all the necessary information about what kind of qualification requirements are required for PEDO. All you have to do is go down and use this information.

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Details of Pedo’s latest jobs

Organization Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization
Education At least graduate
Location Peshawar and across KP
Last updated April 18, 2021

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Information about Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization

The name Pedo means Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization. It was formed in 1986 under the slogan “Small Hydro Development Organization”. The institution underwent significant development in 2014 under the 2014 Amendment Act. A little about the company, it operates as a self-governing and not independent organization. Its main function is to find some ways to use energy from the sun, wind and water. To make this possible, the organization looks forward to using the latest technology and methods. There is no doubt that nations around the world are looking for renewable ways to generate energy. The amount of energy a particular nation uses explains its economic status.

In addition, the same energy affects the functioning of industries, agriculture and commercial areas. To meet all of these needs, the PEDO has a team of professionals and committed individuals who can work to improve the company. The organization seeks out such people for their service and hard work by providing them with job opportunities and benefits. The region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is known for its hydropower generation due to the stable work done by the PDO in recent years. PEDO is also said to be in charge of coal and natural gas power generation.

List of available job positions

  • Technical advisor
  • Manager Admin
  • Finance
  • Regional Manager
  • Designer
  • Project Director
  • Legal Advisor
  • Oil expert
  • Assistant Director
  • Deputy Officer
  • Dr.

Salary and benefits

Pedo Jobs offers a great job when you want to build your career and grow in the power sector. The time to come is facing major energy and utility challenges. Therefore, every country seeks to ensure sustainable and reliable energy supply for the growing population. When working in PEDO, you have to work for the government. This type of government job will help you to get multifaceted benefits, as well as soften your work. The requirement to work in a PEDO starts with having basic necessities and going all the way. Below are some of the other beneficiaries who come with a job in Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO):

  • Workshops and sessions for training
  • Learning environment
  • Good salary
  • Eligible team
  • Development opportunities
  • Job security
  • Pension after retirement

How to apply for PEDO jobs?

Individuals are ready to take their chances, the latest advertisement for PEDO jobs is gone. We advise them to look at all the terms and conditions first. Care needs to be taken to file an application. To get started, applicants need to visit PEDO’s official website From there, one needs to check the available holes and application form. What documents and personal information will be explained in detail in the application form for applying online.

This form will also allow you to list salary preferences, needs and achievements. After submission of application, candidates will be evaluated through entrance test. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for further interview. One thing that needs to be noted is that the selection committee does not accept applications late. In addition, any tampering with personal information and educational certificates, the application will be rejected. As you scroll down, there’s an Apply Online button. When you click it, you will have access to the official site. What are you waiting for after that? Please help improve this article or section by expanding it.

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Job title Place of employment the process
Project Director Peshawar, Pakistan
Project Director Peshawar, Pakistan