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People look for jobs at the Elite Institute. It is a dream come true for everyone looking for a job. Every public institution is a prominent elite unit in the country. Some private sector companies can compare these units, but a huge gap remains. Some of these public institutions are more important than others. PTA jobs come from similar institutes. It is one of the leading telecom companies in Pakistan. Jobs at PTA start a lot of jobs every year.

The body provides employment notices as soon as an open post is received. The scale of its program is large, with plenty of position openings. Anyone can access these notices and try to get a job here. For job seekers and freshmen, this is a great opportunity to start a promising career. These jobs are vital for everyone who wants to get an ideal position. This is because the PTA is the ruler of the telecom sector. In addition, it is a public institution. When the word public service comes to mind, one can only think of high-paying jobs.

The benefits of these jobs are second to none. Getting this position means earning a steady income. The result can be the best lifestyle change you can ever hope for. The salary here is good enough to make you feel troubled. Here your earnings can take care of you and your family. You can help your family financially by helping them. Getting a government job at a large company will take your status to a whole new level.

Everyone will respect you for being a part of this body. Naturally, such posts attract a lot of people. To ensure the quality of new employees, there are certain rules for applicants. The need for a job is mild, not severe. But, no one can apply without meeting these requirements. Here you can find out about job requirements. Take a look at the open posts now. Learn the wages of laborers here. Evaluate before applying for jobs. You will also find the application process here.

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Details of latest PTA jobs

Organization Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA)
Education At least graduate
Location Islamabad and across Pakistan
Last updated April 18, 2021

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Information about Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

It started in 1996. Since then, with the rise of the telecom trend, the body has made great strides since its inception. In 1994, talks were already underway to create a telecom unit. Two years later, Pakistan entered the world of telecom by creating its own telecom sector. Nowadays, no one needs to be introduced to this institute. Anyone who has a phone knows what this body is and what it does. You know how important this body is because you can’t use it without mobile approval. Everything related to telecom is subordinate to this body.

This body monitors networks and devices. It provides security and maintains telecom for the people of Pakistan. With its help, many modern vaccines have entered the country. What this body does is for the development of the country. With a strong telecom sector, the state reaps many benefits. In order to carry out its duties, the body has many offices in different cities. Its scope of employment is quite large. As this sector spreads like wildfire, many avenues are emerging. It’s time to dump her and move on.

List of available job positions

  • Cyber ​​Security Consultant
  • Compliance Member
  • Law and order
  • Software engineer
  • Advisor
  • Driver
  • Stenotype
  • نائب قصید
  • security guard
  • Office Assistant. Office assistant

Salary and benefits

For anyone looking for a higher paying job, PTA career is their best choice. The wages here speak for themselves. You can’t find paid positions anywhere else. In the private sector, where salaries are higher, these posts have reduced everyone to dust. Getting a job here means you get rid of your financial worries. The total salary for SEG-I grade seats is 250k PKR with 100k extra concessions. Now, this is something that no one can slip through.

Not only is the salary higher, but there are better ways to find it. For the position of Assistant Officer, the body pays 40k to 50k PKR per month. A regular level IT officer gets 75k PKR in a month. Wages for senior level positions are high and go up to 90K PKR per month. When you go to senior positions like deputy director, his salary is 150k to 200k PKR per month. The annual requirements for each job are exceptional. The amount varies, but the number of bonuses is the same for each employee.

Employees have full job security. The PTA has declared the retirement plan for its workers as the best. As long as you stay with this institute, your benefits will only increase. The medical benefits here are the center of attention. Many companies offer these benefits to their employees. But this body took him to another level. Not only employees but also their families enjoy these same medical facilities.

How to apply for PTA jobs?

After reading this section, you have some basic information about this body. To apply for PTA jobs, you need to follow a simple procedure. The wages here are reasonable, and the wages for the jobs are first class. You do not need to delay your application. Eligibility criteria are common here. With the right age and education, you can get a shot at an ideal position. Please take a look at this ad before applying. There you will find brief instructions for each available post.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority jobs accept sincere candidates with excellent skills. In these jobs, you can demonstrate your skills. Apply online so you don’t miss out on opportunities. The recruitment process is as easy as it gets. It starts with a candidate’s aptitude test. Trying to get their knowledge about the field. Once you get a good score, you go to the next step. The HR interview will be your last hurdle before you get a job here. Clean it up and enjoy a great working life.

  • You have to visit their official website.
  • Click on the carrier option.
  • Create an account with the website.
  • See your favorite post.
  • Get the application form and fill it out.
  • Pay the fee and submit the form.

You will get an answer soon.

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Job title Place of employment the process
Director General / Assistant Director Islamabad, Pakistan