kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles free

kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles

All ladies say God willing. Selj advises everybody to return to work, then, at that point, Mari comes there and presents Cornella and says we’ve come to see the floor covering making process. And afterward she asks in the wake of seeing the rug lying behind.

kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles

Where are they going?? He was told he needed. In any case, they broke the agreement. The specialist says how about we take you to the industrial facility. Usman asks merchants in interest for their business. Everybody looks happy with their own work.

Then, at that point, he comes there and says to Usman that your supposition was correct. The main minister is murmuring to the old priest. Usman grins and says return the minister to the clan. Later the specialists left, Usman hears the commotion of a couple of individuals.

What we were saying currently is what we will do? Where will our kids get food?? Uthman Bhai should deal with it. Usman asks the emergency how this commotion is? Emergency says they are the laborers of Raqqa’s silver mine.

kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles
kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles

Usman goes to them and inquires as to whether there is a problem? A worker says to us a companion of the Spirit who removed him from his ear saying that we standard individuals acquire such valuable abilities Ahl al-Nahtah, there are never hooligans and say to Usman.

kurulus osman episode 76 in english subtitles

The circumstance isn’t right. The legislative leader of Aznik has restricted us from purchasing our rugs and the remainder of the administration has additionally broken all economic deals. Usman says the explanation is self-evident.kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles

At the point when they can’t battle us in war they need to incapacitate us monetarily. It appears we will bow down yet they don’t realize that we simply bow during supplications. Ghunduz’s siblings make an impression on all the Turkish bosses that they meet me in my tent.

Bid farewell to Bala Mari and bid farewell again soon. Cornella says later Bala’s takeoff. Appears as though their floor coverings are vital. Everything looks exceptionally irritating. Mari says we’ll get them out of this dilemma. We will sell their rugs.

Canella says your sibling will acknowledge it. Marie says she needs to trust it. In this manner we can win their trust and afterward our entrance into this clan will be considerably more straightforward. I would rather not botch the pleasant chance.kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

kurulus osman Season 3 episode 12 in urdu

In this clan we will track downloads of fun stuff In the meantime there comes the trunciation. Furthermore seeing the mother stops at her. As Mari says you are not in jail in Targat. The Turks say I am free and the people who detain me will be rebuffed soon.

Yet, you explain to me why you helped me? Mother says I was obligated to you. You saved my life from the snake. Presently I assisted you with taking care of this obligation. So you will watch out. Since I have no defense to help you now.kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

The pull goes on. Upper Milhan Ayesha Khatun and Seljan Ma. Talk about the monetary issues brought about by not selling rugs. Says Seljen. In the event that she purchases a crocodile or a rug, she will save us with incredible trouble. kurulus osman Season 3 episode 12 in urdu

Reviled. There is something in this young lady. She says. I don’t confide in her. It appears as though she is behind a reason. Ayesha says to us There is a solid monetary test in front and since every one of the lead representatives has broken exchange with us, how should we respond? What do we say? Usman will track down an exit from it. Baba says.

kurulus osman Episode 76 in english

Usman has welcomed all the Turkish bosses to his tent. We will track down an answer Uthman’s tent had Bala Manhun Kandus Dargat. Ask Uthman Bala. On the off chance that a companion returns, the thing to do to him? There is no reason for such a fellowship.

Rebuff him Should Usman says, “Indeed, since the skeptics have broken their concurrence with us, we won’t permit their exchange bands to go through the Turkish clans.” Their lives will be our own. The loathsome say that the past of the clan of Qazil Many parades pass by which Omar Bane said nothing.

Presently you will determine their destiny. Targat additionally tells that a few convoys pass by him. Usman says it’s simply a period of war. Assuming that I say it’s the ideal opportunity for war, what number of warriors would you be able to give me?.

kurulus osman episode 76 In urdu subtitles

Darkish says that from kids to the older, everybody is your warrior. Usman canister, Usman grins. Fudd of June gives the message to Raka Torres, more than he says the news is great. Appears as though our companion June is succeeding.kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

The minister will be here tomorrow and he will carry with him a significant trust. You go with the procession I will get the minister. Dargat says to Usman that behind me you dealt with my clan and put treatment on the injuries of my kin. Much thanks to you.

kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

Usman says on Targat, what do you think we were doing this large number of things in such garbage, it is our obligation to arrive at our siblings any place they are in agony and offer their anguish. The influence asks expressing gratitude toward Usman. kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

Assuming you didn’t know whether the minister would return, would you actually trade me with Usman? You are a higher priority than the main unbeliever in Tarkat. We won’t ever abandon you. Turkat disappears expressing gratitude toward Usman. kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

The Great Seljuk Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitle
The Great Seljuk Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitle

Targat says to the inadequacies in his clan. Clearly Usman needs to be the head of the Turkish clans. The truth will surface eventually who gets the direction. It’s an ideal opportunity to dump her and continue on. Let me know the news? Kotan says the executioners are behind the gold.

They have no particular settlement. They make their own in the woods and plunder the processions and gather the products. The plate of mixed greens says then, at that point, set up the warrior. It’s an ideal opportunity to cover the sections, including his gold. kurulus osman Season 3 episode 76 in urdu

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