kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles free

kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitlesI’ve never seen you before. Yassin says to him. He’s sick. I say I’m Abba Verchi and he goes to Sanjat and starts eating guard food Are From there, in Jhaki Palace, the court shows its daughter Muhammad Wasi. By giving a will, Muhammad Malik says.

This will means rebellion against the empire. We should tell the Queen about this. Says this episode. HA has also taken the Queen’s Sufism woman down in the glass. She will not believe us even if she sees this will. We have to reach the Sultan. kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

kurulus osman episode 78 in english subtitles

And this problem has to be solved itself. At that moment, the maid of Turkan enters the Firdous room. And says Amir has sent a message Ms. Everything is ready.kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles
kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

On the other hand, in the Sultani tent, HR lady and Murree sit down and eat with the festival. The Sultan says. We hunted today but I wish we could fight together against the enemies in the same way where peace will come to Pantoria so you will have a role to play.

kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

The plowed woman says that this is my purpose. Sultan Allah bless us to see good days soon. Meanwhile there comes Haji Kamaj and says that news has come from Isfahan Sultan. Amir Abu al-Qasim approached Isfahan. And want to meet you. The agent is very angry when he hears the name of Amir Abdul Qasim.

And the Sultan says send news to Abu al-Qasim that this is what he goes from there. And the woman says angrily that as long as tribulation people like Abdul Qasim are here, it will be difficult for us to unite, Sultan. The country bar says on it. Think and talk Elcher lady.

These words can go to the wrong ears. The lady says. The government of Anathoria is not the right of a lousy person like Abu al-Qasim but of a good man. Who has the right to dare to talk to us in this way? Will hear his decision. And you have to admit that decision.

With the sign of the Sultan’s hand on this we silence the festival. We are sitting on the hope of goodwill and unity on the occasion but if such a thing was said about my guest here or my decisions were made then our justice would not be good for you here in the canyon room of this

kurulus osman Season 3 episode 14 in urdu

Russian Anjar He cuts down the tent and enters it where the conscious woman is sleeping. On the other hand, after eating intoxicated food in the palace of Amir Ijtbar, the guards faint and as soon as Sanjat goes to them, two soldiers come.kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles
Kurulus Osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

After a short battle, Sanjar slaps them both on the ground, while the Sultan and Abad were hunting in the forest, while the Turkan with his daughter walks towards the Sultan in a horse clock and the horse is winding and storming.kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

kurulus osman Episode 78 in english

As it moves forward, at that moment a wheel of the horse descends and the horse overturns the car, causing the Turkan and the modest horse to get out of the car, and due to the strong wind, the woman from the hands of the Turkan.kurulus osman episode 78 In urdu subtitles

Destan Episode 8 In Urdu
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The will is raised. Meanwhile, the Sultan and Malik are looking for prey. Meanwhile, the Echer woman turns her arrow from behind towards the saltan. The Tafar sees them and loudly calls out to the Sultan. The arrow leaves.

kurulus osman Season 3 episode 78 in urdu

On the other hand, as soon as Zindan tries to open the door in Ramadan, the woman from behind puts her dagger on her neck. Seeing the Tarna woman, Sanjar’s eyes remain open and Tarna Khadir asks you here. I say goodbye to what you are saying. Amir Zadi will be able to get answers to your questions

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