Long Overdue: The Next Generation of Data Analysis Is Finally Here!

Frustrated by the sluggish pace of innovation in data analysis? Since 2010, business leaders have been bottlenecked by traditional data handling methods, often relying on data specialists for insights that drive decisions. This reliance creates a gap: slow, usually cumbersome processes that stifle quick decision-making and innovation.

Crunchit.ai, spearheaded by visionary entrepreneurs Vikram Aditya and Apoorv Nandan, disrupts this stagnant scenario by offering a powerful solution that equips leaders to delve directly into complex data queries without any intermediaries. Gone are the days of waiting for interpretations and predictions—welcome to a future where your data is as agile as your decision-making needs to be.

Under Vikram’s and Apoorv’s leadership, Crunchit.ai has pioneered a proprietary library of AI functions that redefine data analysis. This technology instantly enables business leaders to perform in-depth root cause analysis, forecasting, and pattern mapping. Such capabilities not only save valuable time but also enhance the accuracy and relevance of business strategies.

“The last drastic change that we saw in the world when it came to data consumption was around 2010 when good keyword-based searches came around,” Vikram observes. “Even with keyword searches, questions that need prediction, forecasting, pattern mapping or in-depth root cause analysis have not been accessible to stakeholders without leaning on a data person.” Crunchit.ai’s model eliminates these bottlenecks and empowers decision-makers in an unprecedented manner.

The company’s journey has been marked by notable achievements, including securing one of the largest pre-seed funding rounds for a tech startup: a whopping $5 million. This influx of capital is a testament to investors’ confidence in Vikram’s vision and the potential of Crunchit.ai’s technology. The startup has also successfully piloted its solutions with publicly listed companies valued at over $200 billion, showcasing the robustness and scalability of its AI.

Vikram’s previous ventures also speak volumes about his expertise and foresight. At his last startup, Merkle Science, he established cutting-edge products that became essential tools for intelligence agencies and financial institutions worldwide. His work helped prevent cryptocurrency crimes and facilitated complex forensic analyses, proving his knack for creating solutions that address niche yet significant market needs.

Moreover, his stint at Sprinklr before its IPO saw him leading product and design innovations, earning him an award for extraordinary contributions and the emerging leader of the year. This experience gave him deep insights into the demands of enterprise-level clients and the dynamics of scaling high-tech products in competitive markets.

Now, with Crunchit.ai, Vikram is focused on eliminating the barriers that have traditionally prevented business leaders from accessing and utilizing data effectively. His mission is clear: to empower decision-makers with AI-driven tools that are as intuitive as they are powerful. By enabling direct interaction with data through Crunchit.ai’s interface, the startup empowers business leaders to steer their companies with unprecedented precision and foresight.

As the AI-first future unfolds, Vikram envisions Crunchit.ai at the forefront of the revolution, powering analytics and decision-making for Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups alike. With a focus primarily on the U.S. market, he is determined to redefine how strategic decisions are made, ensuring that data-driven intelligence is not just a tool but a core pillar of business operations.

“Crunch will define the baseline for how the next generation of strategic leaders operate,” Vikram predicts. “Our AI-powered approach revamps the role of analysts itself and propels businesses to new heights.”

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