Love on Social Media – Short Sad Love Story

Love on Social Media - Short Sad Love Story

Even the mustache did not come in properly. I am started chat on Yahoo Messenger πŸ’¬ with a girl from Lahore who spread so much that I came to Lahore to meet her. He told me to come to a snooker club located in Faisal Town, Mun Market. At first, I was a wonder that what is the work of a girl in a snooker club, but everyone knows that love πŸ’– is blind. And in the early days of the Internet, love for Yahoo Messenger was intense.

After getting ready, I took a three-hour ride on the bus and reached the snooker club with the help of a Taxi. When I see the snooker club, I realized that I was deceived in love. I came out of the club with a broken heart, πŸ’” a 25-year-old man called me. When I stopped, he walked up to me and said, ” I am Warda. Please don’t mind I was having fun with you. Let’s drank a Pepsi with me.

At that time, I was feeling poisoning everything. I was getting 😑 angry, but I couldn’t fight. I rushed from there without saying anything and sat in the Taxi and took a quick breath. My heart was breaking πŸ’” by this Warda. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t find peace. So the driver started 🎡 singing in the TaxiΫ”

Love on Social Media - Short Sad Love Story
Love on Social Media – Short Sad Love Story

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On hearing this, what I was out of control. I gave Uncle all the world’s abuses. He stopped the Taxi panic and said, ” What happened, Son?” I got down from the Taxi and took ten πŸ’² dollars out of my pocket and set it in the taxi seat and ran.

I returned home in the evening. I am logged in to Yahoo πŸ’¬ and deleted Warda. Ever since that day, whatever real Warda I find in life, I have started to get angry at her.

A few days ago, there was a call. When I picked up the πŸ“ž phone, I heard, ” I am talking to the National Bank. Looking at your credit history, National Bank is offering you a Diamond Card. Would you like to upgrade your credit card?” I am disgusted with these kinds of advertising calls from above. Her name was Warda before I could say it, ” Warda! Don’t call now, and I’m dying for you.” πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ ———–

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