Member Spotlight: Revealing What Clients Love About Digital Agency Network

Have you ever wondered why some digital agencies seem to get all the attention while others struggle to be seen? According to a report by HubSpot, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. This statistic clearly highlights the importance of visibility in the digital marketing world. Getting to the top of search results is not only a goal for digital agencies and marketers but a bold necessity.

So, how can your agency achieve this coveted visibility and drive business growth? The answer lies in leveraging the marketplace and listing platforms. And yes, these platforms are far more than mere directories; they are powerful tools that can elevate your agency’s profile, build credibility, and generate quality leads.

In that blog, we will focus on one of the biggest and best-known platforms worldwide, the Digital Agency Network, and explore what leads a great number of digital agencies and marketers to be part of it.


Back to Basics: What is Digital Agency Network? 

Digital Agency Network (DAN) is an online platform, marketplace, and directory connecting businesses with the world’s top digital agencies. Streamlining the process of finding “the right” digital partner, DAN provides a curated selection of top-tier agencies specializing in various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, influencer marketing, social media, web design, content marketing, and more. And yes, digital agencies that list on DAN get a lot of exposure to local or global customers (businesses, brands, etc.) who are actively looking for digital marketing services.

DAN goes beyond a simple directory by offering valuable resources, industry insights, and up-to-date trends that help businesses make informed decisions. The go-to platform vets each listed agency, ensuring that only the most reliable and proficient agencies are featured.

As a dynamic digital marketing marketplace, DAN promotes smooth connections/collaborations between brands, (businesses,) and digital agencies. Additionally, it makes it simple to post projects that need to be completed with a digital partner or to request quotes for them, via certain account types.

On the other hand, a well-maintained profile on DAN, with the help of publishing content features, reflects a digital marketing agency’s professionalism; in other words, it’s an opportunity to showcase brand narrative, values, and achievements in a structured manner.

Michael Gaizutis, Founder & CXO at RNO1, describes the Digital Agency Network in his own words as follows:

“We feel DAN is hyper-connected to a global (digital) community of fellow thinkers and makers, those that appreciate great design and digital experience. Those who want to work with partners who “get it” and will settle for nothing less than being a true partner and team extension. And since that’s who we are, and how we function best, it perfectly aligns.”

Digital Agency Network Reviews: Why Clients Love the Hub

So far, we’ve together discovered that the Digital Agency Network (DAN) is a top choice for businesses seeking reliable digital marketing solutions and digital agencies looking for next-generation customers. But what makes DAN stand out in a highly crowded market?

Actually, the answer is its approach to connecting businesses with top-tier digital agencies.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 87% of consumers read online reviews before making a decision. So, DAN lists numerous digital marketing agencies worldwide according to various criteria and provides reliable, verified reviews about them. That both increases credibility and helps decision-makers find the perfect fit.

Speaking of finding partners; member agencies appreciate the ease of finding their next customer and the wealth of resources available on the platform. This section will list what clients love most about DAN and how it has become an indispensable hub for their digital marketing needs.

While doing this, we’ll be making use of actual reviews released on DAN’s official web page:

“Digital Agency Network is Massive’s Bat-Signal to the World.”

Lindsay Smith, CEO of Massive Media, perfectly captures the essence of Digital Agency Network (DAN) with her testimonial:

“Digital Agency Network is Massive’s Bat-Signal to the world. It sends similarly motivated businesses and people our way, so we can focus on doing what we do best—the work.”

Smith’s words highlight how DAN serves as a powerful beacon, attracting like-minded businesses and clients to agencies listed on the platform. Because of this visibility, agencies can focus on their core competencies and produce outstanding outcomes. For Massive Media, DAN has been instrumental in connecting them with motivated clients who value their expertise and share their vision.

“DAN brings high-quality traffic to our site each month.”

Richard Trigg, Experience Design Director at Tangent, a global technology agnostic agency,  shares his positive experience as follows:

“DAN brings high-quality traffic to our site each month. Not only do we get great leads, but we also use DAN’s other editorial features to stay on top of industry news and trends.”

Trigg’s testimonial underscores the dual benefits of DAN for digital agencies: First, the platform drives traffic to agency websites and ensures a steady stream of valuable leads. Second, the hub offers a wealth of editorial content that keeps agencies informed about the latest industry news and trends. This combination seems to make DAN an indispensable platform for agencies looking to generate leads and stay competitive.

“DAN partnership generated about 13% of our leads in total.” 

DAN appears to be effective in terms of lead generation and reaching new heights.

Aleksandra Matwiejczyk, Marketing Manager at KOTA, highlights the impactful partnership with the platform by saying:

“This partnership definitely helps us generate more quality leads. Last year, it generated about 13% of our leads in total. I believe DAN membership is also one of the factors that reassure our potential clients about the quality of our services and recognition within the creative industry. We’re currently expanding our services into the US, and DAN has helped us establish our agency overseas.”

Without a doubt, Matwiejczyk’s testimonial highlights the part DAN plays in generating high-quality leads for KOTA. So, this contribution says a lot about why digital agencies love DAN.

Regarding getting quality leads, Miles Sellyn, President of Major Tom, agrees with Matwiejczyk:

“DAN provides additional high-quality exposure through our profile and shared content across their social channels, and most importantly, it has provided us with quality leads that have helped to grow our business. They’re a proactive, considerate partner!” 

“DAN is a great source of information for what’s happening in digital marketing.”

In addition to providing digital agencies with a space to showcase their selling propositions and success stories, the said platform is frequently praised for offering a vibrant network of industry professionals.

Regarding that advantage, Will Turner, Director, Digital Production & Operations at DIJGTAL, stated in one of his testimonials:

“DAN is a great source of information for what’s happening in digital marketing. It provides our team with access to a lot of relevant and useful content across a range of industries. It’s also a great resource for us in terms of global brand exposure.”

In another testimonial, Sergiu Tabaran, eCommerce Specialist & COO at Absolute Web, says:

“DAN is a great resource for companies looking for agencies that fit their culture and requirements. For Absolute Web, DAN is a place where we can share the latest important news about our agency, and post-career opportunities, and let other companies know more about us when looking for an agency to hire.”

“It helps us position our brand based on location, presence, and audience.” 

Enhanced local and global visibility means so much in the world of digital agencies. DAN’s platform enables agencies to highlight their presence in key markets, making it easier to attract clients both locally and internationally. This dual focus helps agencies build a robust, diverse client base.

Another important name in DIJGTAL, Managing Partner Mark Nickson, explains why he loves Digital Agency Network as follows:

“Having a platform to help agencies market their brand is great, but adding in the global element of DAN and how it helps a brand establish their international presence, I think, is what’s been a real positive for us. It acts as a consolidated portal to help us position our brand based on location, presence, and audience. I also appreciate how DAN and their content writers take a proactive approach to the industry, and how they identify specific areas of expertise or opportunities to communicate and spread the word for their listed agencies. They do so in a balanced and unbiased manner, which I think generates a level of trust and authenticity around the platform. There’s so much more potential for DAN, and I’m excited to see where they’ll be in the next 12 months and how this can further help us at DIJGTAL.”

Regarding targeted reach and the ability to tailor online presence to specific audiences and locations, Joyce Ko, Digital Content Manager at Digital Business Lab, states:

“We have the opportunities to explore and collaborate with many of Asia’s most exciting industries and a wide range of B2C, B2B, B2G & listed companies’ clients, from art & cultural activities, FMCG, luxury, art, and automobiles to 2021-trending start-ups in blockchain, consumer electronics, eLearning, etc. For the upcoming period, our road map is bright to accelerate our ongoing evolution journey, stay close to different cultures of our growing client base, and expand Digital Business Lab’s footprint!”

At this point, we would like to remind you that this kind of strategic positioning not only enhances visibility and credibility but also ensures that marketing efforts are more targeted and effective.

What’s More? Recruiting Talents, Securing Top Ad Placements, and Being Thought Leaders

The agency owners and staff concur that Digital Agency Network offers a wealth of options for locating their ideal client, as the above clearly illustrates. Furthermore, some statements emphasize that the platform is also used for advertising and talent recruitment.

Tommy Wilson, SEO Account Executive at Sheffield-based full-service digital agency, Evoluted, expresses that being a DAN member provides his agency with enhanced visibility within the UK agency environment and goes on as follows:

“Being a DAN member provides an additional platform to showcase our expertise, publish amongst our peers, and recruit talent across all digital sectors. Evoluted also advertises as a DAN member, securing top ad placements to reach prospective new clients in relevant geographies who reach the DAN website through search.”

The Global HR Director of the digital agency Croud, located in New York, says that DAN gives them a platform to express themselves and connect with a fantastic network of marketers.

“Through our membership with DAN, Croud has had several opportunities to shout about our hard-working, passionate team and the amazing work they’re delivering. Employees across our business have been able to position themselves as thought leaders within the industry, allowing them to share their unique ideas with other digital experts.”

Similarly, Chloe Fair, Senior SEO Strategist at Impression Digital says about the platform’s job listing feature:

“DAN gives us the ability to showcase our work, share our news and opinions, and even recruit new talent, proving it to be very valuable to us as an agency. We’re pleased to be listed among many other world leaders in the digital marketing industry.”

What Says Digital Agency Network Customer Reviews? Last Words

Upon examining the reviews provided by Digital Agency Network’s past & current customers, we’ve concluded that DAN is a totally useful platform for digital agencies looking to optimize their online presence, legitimacy, and lead generation process. Positive reviews demonstrate how well DAN supports agencies in accomplishing their goals; the platform provides the tools needed for success, whether it is expanding the brand’s global reach, gaining valuable industry insights, or developing the brand’s local and audience positioning.

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