Mobilink Jazz eCare: Features, Signup & Usage Guide

Jazz eCare App

Mobilink Jazz is a leading telecom company in Pakistan covering the largest number of mobile users in Pakistan. It always brings a lot of convenient services to the customers. This time, Mobilink Jazz has introduced the “Acre” service which is becoming very popular among the consumers.

Jazz Acre revolutionized telecom services in Pakistan. Jazz Acker allows you to easily access your number calls, SMS and internet history. If you want to stay on a budget, you need to know the details of how many calls you made in the last month and how much it cost you. Similarly, you can also check the message and internet history.

Mobilink Jazz eCare

Highlights of Jazz eCare

Let’s take a look at the salient features of Jazz Acker and find out what it is for Jazz users and how useful it is.

Current credit

You can find information about your current credit. It allows you to manage credit.

current situation

The current status of your number is visible in Jazz Acre. You can find information about existing packages and services you are using.

E-Care Application

Call date

All incoming, outgoing and missed calls are shown in this section. You can get information about the time, duration and date of the call at any time. Therefore, you no longer need to check the call log history in your mobile. Jazz Acker allows you to check your online call history from anywhere.

SMS history

Jazz Icarus brings up your SMS history to let you know if you are sending or receiving a limited or limited number of SMS. It also allows you to check the SMS sent to other numbers and the SMS received and the time and contact number from where you received it.

Internet history

Another interesting feature of Jazz Acre is Internet History. You can check the history of the internet using Akira by Mobilink Jazz. It allows you to maintain your web browsing, downloads and uploads. This section allows you to check online download, upload or search content.

How to sign up for eCare

  • Signing up for Jazz Acker is not a difficult task. You need to take steps to sign up for Jazz Acre.
  • Go to Official site You can download Jazz’s eCare app Google Play Store Also.
  • You will see the “Login” option on the right side of the screen here. Click on the “Mobile Connect Login” option here.

ECare Login

  • You’ll then have to add your jazz number to another screen, and click on the Login option.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you on your Jazz number. Type 1 and answer the message to confirm that the registration is confirmed
  • Type the 4 digit code into your cell phone’s Receive box.
  • After matching your four-digit code it will recognise your number and grant you access to Jazz Acre.

Jazz eCare app

  • You can now quickly search and use the functions.

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