My Hobby Essay In English – My favourite Hobby

My hobby essay in english – My favourite hobby

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John Keats says:
Today, man lives in a world where struggle and effort are necessary for survival. He has to toil from dawn to dusk. Physical and mental exertions leave him utterly exhausted and enervated, after the whole day’s work. The consistency of everyday life emphasizes its capabilities and abilities. He needs leisure and idle hours to soothe his perturbed feeling and troubles soul. You can read this My Hobby Essay to know what is a hobby and how many kinds of hobbies.

A hobby is a useful job that is done in free time, without any financial gain. This profession is completely separate from the regular profession. It is pursued only for recreation. After hard labor, a hobby provides us a cheap source of entertainment and amusement. It protects us from the useless routine of life. When we have nothing to do, it gives us activity.

What is this life full of care, we do not have time to stand and stare.

W. H. Davies ━ My Hobby Essay

There is no dearth of hobbies in this world. People adopt different hobbies according to their mood and taste. There are many hobbies like gardening, stamp – collecting, coin – collecting, photography, pen – friendship, reading books and gardening is my hobby.

God Almighty first planted a garden. And, indeed, it is the purest place of human happiness.

In this way, my favourite hobby is the ultimate source of happiness and happiness for me. I want to relax after a day’s hard work. Gardening makes me forget my worries and refreshes my mind.

My hobby essay in english – My favourite hobby
About My Hobby Essay In English – My favorite Hobby

A hobby is an activity that is done in free time for the sole purpose of happiness and recreation. It invigorates both our body and soul. It breathes new life into a lethargic and lazy body. Therefore, exercise is a rewarding activity to refresh the body and mind.

I live in a big city where life is too mechanical, dull and dreary. It is void to peace, serenity, calm and quietness. I often desire to do some recreational activity to get rid of this tedious and boring lifestyle. For this purpose, I have made a very beautiful lawn in front of my house, because my favourite hobby is gardening.

From the garden of plants do I move towards the gardens of inner joy. The flowers dance on leaves. And ideas dance on heartbeats and mind

I have made a garden in the back of my house. In the garden, I have planted mango, orange, guava and banana trees. There, I grow flowers of various kinds like rose, lily, and sunflower. The sweet fragrance of flowers gives me great pleasure. They resent a colorful and vivid scene and spread a sweet aroma all around. There is always something fresh before my eyes. It keeps me healthy, happy and fresh for the day’s labor. It is a source of aesthetic pleasure and physical exercise.

Flower always makes people happier, helpful and better.

Luther Burbank ━ My Hobby Essay

The whole atmosphere at home is fragrant with the aroma of the flowers. They yield fruit in their seasons. Green fruit trees, lush grassy lawn and the thick mistletoe covering the front wall of my house and adds color to the surrounding. The clean brown soil of the beds of flowers presents a sharp contrast to the lush green grass of the garden. The trunks of the trees have been whitewashed approximately up to feet.

My hobby essay in english – My favourite hobby
About My Hobby Essay In English – My favorite Hobby

A little fountain has been erected in the heart of the lawn. When it sprinkles its light shower, it looks fascinating. Then the water of the fountain flows to the beds of flowers and trees. The soft, tidy and trimmed grass of the lawn looks like a green velvety floor. It looks sparkling when the rays of sunlight are reflected from the pearl-like dew drops laying upon the lush grass at dawn. Briefly speaking, the lawn and the garden of my house are so attractive that they are the persuasive proof of my devotion and dedication to my hobby.

And in my flowers – beds, I think smile the pink and the carnation

Robert Brooke ━ My Hobby Essay

There is an adequate growth of vegetables in the compound of the house. Therefore, we seldom purchase any vegetables from the bazaar. Gardening provides me a good exercise for the day. It keeps me happy, healthy and fresh. It is my sincere friend and inspires me whenever I am depressed. When I cast a glance at my small garden and see the beautiful dancing flowers, my heart blossoms.

My hobby essay in english – My favourite hobby
About My Hobby Essay In English – My favorite Hobby

I have the tools for the garden and to do a lot of work with my hand. I water my plants regularly and protect them from extreme weather. I have prepared many beds in it.

The earth is so kind here that it just tickles it with a hoe and laughs when it is harvested.

Douglas ━ My Hobby Essay

I daily devote two hours for the maintenance of the beauty and loveliness of my garden. I daily dig the beds, sprinkle water over the trees and plants and apply manure to the plants to enrich the growth of the garden. I have also placed flower pots on both sides of the gate and along the wall. These are properly looked after and watered daily. There grows in them a variety of flowers. My garden is perfect in all respects and I love to work and sit there It has made my home a paradise of tranquility and peace. Flowers and green leaves in my garden impart a soothing effect to the eyes.


What is Favourite hobby?

A hobby is a favorite activity that one likes to do for fun or recreational purposes. May include physical, mental or other activities depending on the individual’s preferences.

What is the most popular hobby?

A hobby is a favorite activity that one likes to do for fun or recreational purposes. May include physical, mental or other activities depending on the individual’s preferences.

What is the most popular hobby?

The most popular hobbies are Fishing, Crafting, Television, Bird Watching, Stamp Collecting, Music, Gardening, and Playing Video Games.

Why is drawing a good hobby?

Science has proven that drawing is one of the best ways to increase creativity. This means that drawing can always help you solve problems and find easy and effective ways to make things work. Drawing helps improve the rhythm of your hand’s eyes.

Is reading a book a hobby?

Yes, reading a book is a hobby and it is the best hobby ever because someone loves to read a book. This fondness for reading books manages to set aside time to read and study the book whenever it takes time. This is clearly an indication that someone has a habit of reading a book.

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