Nvidia Plunge Can’t Stop Rise of Crypto AI Tokens, RCOF, FET, LDO and AGIX Hold Strong

While Nvidia may have witnessed significant price corrections in the past three days, its downturn didn’t deter Crypto AI coins from their bullish trends. These astounding tokens— RCO Finance, Fetch.ai, Lido DAO, and SingularityNET continue to ride bullish waves, with their market capitalization and adoption on the rise.

Let’s discover how these crypto AI tokens are outperforming the rest of the market.

RCO Finance Evolves Smart Investing 

The crypto AI sector has been on bullish trends despite the recent price corrections other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum witnessed. This may be because crypto AI coins like RCO Finance (RCOF) feature fully automated AI and machine learning (ML) technologies that use historical data, and monitor the market movement and price trends to predict the future outcomes of the market.

RCO Finance’s (RCOF) core tool, the AI-powered Robo Advisor is responsible for these predictions for the platform. This powerful tool helps investors make informed decisions based on their individual risk tolerance and financial goals. It does this by identifying the best entry and exit points for a trade, helping investors maximize their gains.

However, employing innovative AI tools is not all that makes crypto AI coins like RCO Finance (RCOF) unique, undergoing regular smart contract audits by reputable firms like SolidProof, eliminating KYC processes and providing a secure, user-friendly environment for users are part of the amazing features that has brought the platform to the spotlight. 

FET Soars with Strong Bullish Momentum

Despite Nvidia (NVDA) experiencing a sharp decline that resulted in a loss of over $430 billion in market capitalization, Fetch.ai continues showing its impressive growth with an surge of over 20% in the last 24 hours.

Over the past year, Fetch.ai (FET) has surged over 600%, signaling strong upward momentum and high investor confidence. Fetch.ai (FET) outperforms 94% of the top 100 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, highlighting its unique value proposition. 

Trading above the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) is a bullish sign, indicating a positive long-term trend. With high liquidity and strong buying interest, Fetch.ai (FET) is well-positioned for continued growth, especially if market interest in AI and blockchain remains strong.

Lido DAO Shines Amid Market Turbulence

Just like fetch.ai (FET), another notable crypto coin, Lido DAO (LDO) remains robust despite the broader market corrections and investor fear that was witnessed last week. 

Currently priced at $2.15 and boasting a market capitalization of $1.9 billion, Lido DAO (LDO) achieved a record of $16.08 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), which attracted the interest of many observers in the crypto space. 

AGIX Rebounds with 16% Surge

SingularityNET (AGIX), another player in the crypto AI sector has rebounded after weeks of correction, now trading at $0.6822 with a 16.25% intraday gain. Its market capitalization stands at $890 million, with a $148 million daily trading volume. 

The token found support at $0.4500 and reversed trend, showing strong bullish momentum. Analysts predict a skyrocket in price, with potential to reach $0.8000 in the coming months. 

RCO Finance Presale Skyrockets with Massive Gains

While tradable crypto AI coins are riding on bullish waves, RCO Finance (RCOF), although still in its presale stage, isn’t left behind. Its Stage 1 presale is running on a rapid momentum, with more than 30 million of the total 98 million RCOF tokens already sold.

The fast adoption of the RCOF tokens stem from the platform’s amazing investors’ incentives and tokenization benefits which include borrowing and lending with low interest rates, direct purchases of real-world assets with crypto, subsidized trading fees, voting rights, and access to over 120,000 tradable assets across more than 12,500 asset classes worldwide.

Moreover, RCO Finance (RCOF)  is currently offering its presale tokens for an affordable price of $0.01275 per token, which can be slashed down by an extra 30% when early investors use the ‘RCOF30’ discount code. 

While the Stage 2 of presale may bring up to 169% returns for investors, it’s nothing compared to the massive 3000% gains they’re poised to enjoy at the official token launch which will trade within $0.4–$0.6 range, according to experts.

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