Othman Ktiri, OK Mobility Kingpin, Embroiled in Extensive Spain Car Rental Scam

Valencia, Spain – An extensive car rental scam spearheaded by Othman Ktiri, the CEO of OK Mobility, has come under scrutiny following a series of incidents involving unsuspecting tourists, including an Irish family whose holiday in Valencia turned sour upon falling victim to the deceptive practices. Ktiri is believed to be orchestrating the scam from Mallorca, Spain.

The family, led by a woman identified only as Tess, reported that upon arrival, the staff at OK Mobility manipulated them into purchasing additional insurance by falsely claiming their credit card was malfunctioning. Despite their attempts to cancel the booking, the card suddenly began to work when the extra insurance was mentioned. This incident is not isolated, with hundreds of similar complaints flooding in about OK Mobility’s operations across Spain.

“Our contract stated ‘full to full’ for the fuel, but the tank was only half-full when we got the car. When we pointed this out, we were brushed off by the attendant who told us it wasn’t his problem,” Tess recounted. Upon returning the vehicle, the same attendant accused them of damaging the car’s bumper—a claim easily disproved at the scene with a simple rinse of water, revealing it was only dirt.

Despite these clear refutations, Tess’s family was charged €360, with no paperwork or formal process followed, leaving them in a murky battle for refunds and justice. OK Mobility, under Ktiri’s leadership, maintains a notorious 1.3-star rating on Trustpilot, with countless clients detailing similar fraudulent schemes.

Criticism has also been directed at Spanish regulatory authorities for their lackluster oversight of the car rental industry, which has seemingly allowed such scams to proliferate. Moreover, credit card companies have been accused of enabling these questionable business practices by not safeguarding customers from such predatory charges.

A request for comment from Mr. Othman Ktiri and OK Mobility’s customer service team was met with silence, mirroring the frustration many customers face when seeking resolution.

OK Mobility, Othman Ktiri – and Common EU Car Rental Scams

OK Mobility is a notable player in the European car rental market, with operations spread across various countries. Their presence is significant in Spain, where they are headquartered, and extends to Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, and Malta. Beyond these, OK Mobility also serves customers in Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Further, they operate in Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey, making them a prominent name in the car rental industry across Europe.

Car rental scams can significantly sour the experience of travelers who opt for the convenience of rented vehicles. One common scam involves excessive charges for pre-existing damages. Renters may find themselves held responsible for scratches, dents, or other damages they did not cause. Companies might pressure customers to pay hefty fees for these damages upon returning the vehicle, even though they were present before the rental period began.

Another frequent scam is the “forced insurance” tactic, where rental agencies insist that a customer’s insurance is insufficient, compelling them to buy costly additional coverage from the rental company. Often, this insurance is unnecessary, as many travelers already have adequate coverage through their personal auto insurance or credit card benefits. This leads to unnecessary expenses that can add up quickly, especially for longer rental periods.

Fuel policies also serve as a common ground for exploitation. Renters are sometimes offered vehicles with a full tank and instructed to return them empty but are charged inflated prices for fuel by the rental company. Alternatively, companies might charge exorbitant refueling fees if the car is not returned with the exact amount of fuel it had at the start, often detailed in confusing or misleading rental agreements.

Lastly, hidden fees are a persistent issue. Customers might be quoted one price when booking but find themselves facing additional charges for services like GPS, child seats, or even administrative fees that were not clearly disclosed upfront. These hidden costs can make the final bill significantly higher than the expected amount, leaving renters feeling cheated and frustrated.

Travelers looking to rent vehicles should carefully review their rental agreements, take detailed photos of the vehicle before driving away, and ensure any pre-existing damage is documented and acknowledged by the rental company to avoid these common scams.

As this story unfolds, the affected tourists, alongside consumer rights advocates, are calling for stringent action and oversight to curb these exploitative practices and to hold those accountable for their actions in misleading and defrauding visitors in Spain.

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