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The payment landscape in Europe is diverse and complex, shaped by regional preferences and technological advancements. In the first half of 2023, 30 retail payment methods within the Euro area processed around 29.8 billion transactions with a combined value of €23.6 trillion. Instant credit transfers accounted for 11% of all digital transfers and 3% of the total value of credit transfer transactions. 

This article sets the stage for understanding the diversity behind different payment methods in Europe. We examine the simple factcertain methods are favored in specific countries

Why such a premise? Because there is a direct link between the right payment method chosen in a particular European market and business success.

Understanding Payment Habits in Europe

Cultural, economic, and technological factors influence payment habits across Europe. Understanding these habits is crucial for businesses aiming to succeed in the European market. Companies can enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth by offering payment options that align with local preferences.

Diverse Preferences

European consumers exhibit a wide range of payment preferences. For instance:

  1. Neosurf is popular in France due to its ease of use and security.
  2. MobilePay dominates in Denmark reflecting the country’s advanced mobile payment infrastructure.

These preferences highlight the importance of localised payment solutions. In a broader picture, the right choice of payment method reflects the piece of an e-commerce pie you can get (see Fig. 1).

Importance for Business

For businesses, adapting to these diverse payment habits is essential. Offering the right payment methods can lead to increased customer satisfaction, reduced cart abandonment, and higher conversion rates

Regional-Based Habits

Payment preferences in Europe vary widely by region. Knowing these regional nuances is the path to successful business in the respective area. Aim to optimize payment strategies by tapping into the understanding of different payment habits.

For instance, you plan to start a business in Germany. You need to check whether the country prefers debit cards to cash (see Fig. 2). Based on the research, you will understand what payment method to integrate into your business. 

Now, let’s skim through the region-country-payment-method correlation. The table below is just a quick insight into popular payment methods across Europe:

PayDo- Payment Habits in Europe

How PayDo Considers User Payment Habits

PayDo is a payment platform designed to make payment operations more convenient by allowing users to create multicurrency accounts with just one digital obligation-free contract. The platform places a strong emphasis on understanding and adapting to the diverse payment habits of users across Europe.


PayDo excels in localizing its payment solutions to cater to regional preferences. By offering a variety of payment methods.

Top-Up Methods and Checkout

PayDo integrates the aspect of localisation into its products. For instance, individual clients can top-up their account with these methods:

  • Bank Transfer (EPS)
  • Credit Cards (VISA and Mastercard)
  • Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)
    • Prepaid cards (Neosurf)
    • Cash-based payments
    • E-wallets (PayDo wallet)
    • Mobile wallets


Moreover, the abovementioned methods are relevant for Checkout as well. PayDo cares about adhering to different payment habits in Europe by diversifying the number and variety of payment methods. Overall, PayDo supports 350+ global and local payment methods, including:

User Convenience

User convenience is at the core of PayDo’s services. The platform provides a seamless experience with features like multiple virtual IBANs, support for over 24 different currencies, and payments to/from 150 countries. This multicurrency capability is one of PayDo’s unique advantages, complemented by PayDo’s SWIFT transactions’ T+1 settlement period (next-day delivery) and instant payment delivery for Euro (SEPA Instant)/GBP (FPS), which ensures fast and efficient service. 

By prioritizing localization and user convenience, PayDo successfully meets the unique needs of its diverse client base, enhancing overall satisfaction and usability.


Understanding and adapting to the diverse payment habits in Europe is vital for businesses looking to thrive in this market. PayDo’s commitment to providing localized, user-friendly payment solutions positions it as a leader in the fintech industry. 

This article sets the stage for further exploration of individual European countries’ payment preferences, showcasing how PayDo continues to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

About PayDo:

PayDo, a top-tier Electronic Money Institution (EMI), is fully authorised by both the FCA and FINTRAC. Operating globally across 150 countries and more than 28 industries, PayВo offers personalised solutions to both businesses and individuals. The platform features multicurrency IBANs, merchant solutions, and mass payment options. PayDo follows the mission of providing premium and convenient payment services. Its clients get all of that within one platform and one contract, making PayDo a preferred solution in the market for both local and international payments. 

Discover more at PayDo’s website.

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