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In a world where comfort and convenience are paramount, especially during summer, a cooling system is considered a must have. But most of these cooling systems cost a lot when it comes to purchase, installation and maintenance and most especially, high increase in electricity bills. Introducing- polar cooling, a cutting edge and revolutionary cooling system designed to offer instant relief from soaring temperature wherever you are.

Based on Polar Cooling Reviews It offers an unparalleled combination of efficiency and portability. It has a sleek design, lightweight and compact. It is not just about convenience but about smart and sustainable living. With its amazing features like energy efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, Polar Cooling creates a serene environment without creating and accumulating hefty electricity bills like most cooling systems available in the United States. Asides the discomfort that comes with a scorching heat, energy consumption is driven up resulting in higher electricity costs in cases where conventional air conditioning systems are used mostly.

Like most new products, many people have been thinking about its authenticity. Does it work? Is Polar Cooling worth the money? What are its disadvantages? How much does it cost?

Normally, Nobody will believe it out of hand considering the number of inefficient portable air coolers sold in the past. The truth is that Polar cooling has its advantages and its disadvantages, it all depends on your degree of tolerance and things you want to sacrifice. This review aims at addressing all the queries about it so that people will know if it is worth the ongoing hype or just another fake promise. Also know that Polar Cooling is just one out of many brands available in the United States so feel free and explore other options before making any financial commitment.

Key Highlights (Polar Cooling Reviews)

  • 100% plug and play – Just add water, turn it on, and cooling starts
  • Purifies and humidifies air for freshness
  • 100% noise-free operation
  • No dust, No microbes, and No Pollutants
  • Rapid cooling, within few minutes
  • Covers larger space
  • Fully Adjustable
  • 10 hours plus on a single charge
  • Lightweight design
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Designed in the United States and available only in the United States

Polar Cooling Explained

Polar cooling is a 3-in-1 revolutionary portable cooling unit which offers a superior cooling experience to help get your environment to a suitable temperature while also helping you save up as it consumes less electricity. Based on verified reviews, It boasts a 99.8% efficiency rating, the highest of any portable air cooler. A product of high quality designed with durable materials. Polar cooling requires no installation, requires minimal maintenance, it is convenient and affordable.

Asides ensuring a conducive and chilly atmosphere, the creators of this amazing cooling unit who are experienced electrical engineers from the EV industry went ahead to make sure that your health is not tampered with, an antimicrobial air filter was installed into this device to prioritise your health. This antimicrobial air filter functions as an air purifier which ensures that every breath taken is microbial free. It has several speed modes users can pick from, these modes range from low, medium, high and turbo allowing for customization of your Polar cooling experience all summer long.

Polar cooling as an air cooler releases cool filtered air into the environment, eliminating scorching heat and instantly reducing the atmospheric temperature and giving you comfort. as an air humidifier it helps release moisture into the environment, helping keep the air moist and instantly eliminating dry air.

Polar cooling is powered by a high quality lithium-ion battery with many charge and discharge cycles. It supports fast charging and deep discharge. Its battery technology means that it is still lightweight with more capacity. With 2000mAh available capacity, polar cooling can last all day without any interruption.

Like most evaporative air coolers, it features a water tank, this time, it is removable which makes it easy to empty the tank, refil or add ice. The water tank is about 550mL which is large enough to last all day though it is okay if you replace the water often.

In addition to other features, it also purifies air which makes it completely different from what we have seen at this price. It is super cool, and looks expertly made.

Many people have been using it from room to room and it can be used outdoors, thanks to its cordless Design.

Currently Polar cooling is exclusively sold online in the United States only with a starting price of $89.99 though the manufacturer promised to sell as low as $66.99  making it the cheapest yet one of the most efficient air coolers on sale today.

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How Polar Cooling Works

Polar cooling works using a very simple and quiet operation to avoid tampering with your rest or sleep. It utilises evaporative cooling which draws warm air through a water soaked filter and as the air passes through, it gets cool and becomes more comfortable and soothing. It also has an inbuilt fan which pushes the cooled air out quietly without disturbances into the atmosphere thereby reducing the atmospheric temperature of the environment. It comes with a water tank which is easily refillable, helping keep the filter wet.

Firstly, the system has to be fully charged after which the water tank is filled to Keep the cooling pad wet, this helps give an optimal cooling effect. It is advised that the cooling pad be regularly clean to prevent the growth of moulds and off odour and to ensure the best working performance of the device. It functions as an air cooler by giving you a chilly and comfy temperature, it also functions as an air humidifier by ensuring that the air is moist thereby eliminating dryness and its side effects which includes skin irritation and breathing issues. It is also an air purifier and can be used as a fan if you just want a gentle breeze.

Features Of Polar Cooling

Polar cooling has various features which are responsible for its efficacy and unique nature.

Easy set up: Polar cooling is very easy to set up requiring no technical-know-how, it is basically placed on a flat-levelled surface (reading table, counter top, dining table, bedside table etc). It is then plugged into a power source to charge, the speed settings are easily adjustable to suit individual preference.

Turbo- frost technology: It has a turbo-frost technology which is responsible for rapid cooling effect, giving a quick relief from discomforting atmosphere. This feature is responsible for the instant blast of polar air released immediately when the device is turned on without delay.

Customizable features: It has a range of modes, each with its specific cooling rate, these modes are low, medium, high and turbo. These modes can be customised based on individual preference for a better cooling experience.

Portability: Unlike the conventional air cooling systems, Polar cooling is lightweight, compact and very portable. It comfortably fits into bags during holidays, vacations, field trips etc. You can take polar cooling wherever you go.

Affordability: Polar cooling air cooling unit is affordable in all areas; purchase, installation and maintenance. In Spite of the numerous benefits it offers, it is still very affordable and cost effective.

Long Battery life: A full charge can last for about 10 hours but this can vary depending on the mode used (low, medium, high and turbo). The higher the cooling rate, the lower the battery life duration.

Night light: In addition to its function as an air cooling and humidifier, it also illuminates the environment with a comforting cooling glow which can be turned off and on when necessary.

Rechargeability: It utilises a rechargeable battery which is easily recharged using the provided USB charger, each full charge had the tendency to last for about 10 hours.

Indicator light: It has an indicator light which turns on once device is connected to the USB and turns off automatically once device is fully charged.

Built in humidifier: This feature of polar cooling helps alleviate dry air by adding moisture to the air, reducing dryness and making the atmosphere more comfortable. Dry air has the ability to cause skin irritation and breathing issues but due to the inbuilt humidifier in polar cooling, a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere is created for your comfort and health.

Air filtration system: This helps filter out dust, pollens, contaminants and other allergens ensuring that the air you breathe is fresh and clean. This filter can be easily removed, cleaned and placed back into its position, this act will help keep the system in a good working condition always.

No chemical: Polar cooling doesn’t contain chemicals of any sort. It is 100% chemical free.

Removable Water Tank: It has a water tank which is easily refillable, ice crystals can also be introduced into this tank for optimal cooling effect.

Adjustable louvres: Polar cooling features manually adjustable louvres to direct airflow.

Benefits Of Polar Cooling To Users

Instant cooling: It reduces ambient temperature quickly, giving you your desired temperature for relaxation and comfort.

Portability: This device is very portable, fits into bags and can be taken or used anywhere without worrying about bulkiness.

Long lasting battery: Polar cooling has a long lasting battery life with an estimate of 10 hours.

Customizable comfort: Its customizable features gives room for individuals to select modes to suit their preferences.

Energy saving: Polar cooling air cooler consumes less energy and helps you save a lot during the hottest summer day.

User friendly: It is very easy to use and set up, has a very comfortable and easy user interface.

Compatibility: The device has a seek and compact design with a charming night light for illumination.

Improved air quality: Its air filtration system helps ensure that your air is fresh and clean.

Long lasting design: It is made from high quality and ABS plastic known for its durability.

Benefits To Manufacturer

Guests what? Thousands of Polar cooling portable air coolers have been sold in the United States this year alone which means that it is a source of money to the manufacturer. So they are also benefiting.

Specifications – Polar Cooling Reviews

  • USB connection
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Fan speeds: low, medium, high and turbo.
  • Weight: Around two (2) pounds.
  • Night light for illumination.
  • Turbo-frost technology
  • Evaporative technology
  • Height: ten (10) inches
  • Width: seven (7) inches

How To Set Up Polar Cooling Unit

The cooling pad should be removed, then presoaked in cold or running water, placed in a refrigerator or freezer to freeze. Remove and place coming pad back into its drawer, fill the water tank with water, ice crystals can be added for optycooling effect. Press the turn on button and enjoy hours of comfy and moist air.

Pros (Polar Cooling Reviews)

  • It helps you save up in terms of electricity bills
  • It operates noiselessly
  • It is lightweight
  • It is very durable
  • It gives a personalised cooling experience
  • It is very portable
  • It is very easy to set up and use.

Cons Of Polar Cooling Air Cooler

It is only available for purchase on the product’s official website.

It can only be used for small spaces, if intended for larger spaces then more than one polar cooling air cooler will be needed, which will be placed at different corners of the room.

Who Needs Polar Cooling Portable Air

Are you an outdoor enthusiast (camper, hiker etc), a student, doctor, teacher and so on, Polar cooling air cooler is a to go cooling device for you. It will help keep you cozy during scorching atmospheric temperature. As a student, this cooling device can be your best companion during long lectures especially in a congested environment.

Generally, Polar cooling is needed by all who like convenience, comfort and sustainable living without budgeting more.

Why Is Polar Cooling Recommended In The United States?

Polar cooling air cooler is recommended for numerous reasons;

Instant Temperature Control: its ability to instantly replace hot air with cool moist air makes its number one consumer choice this summer.

Versatility: It serves as an air cooler, air humidifier, Fan, Air Purifier and a source of illumination. Five functions from one device, that’s awesome.

Reliability: It is a reliable source of comfort during summer with a battery life of about 10 hours, offering four different fan speeds and cooling rate.

Durability: It is a product of high quality with durable materials mainly ABS plastic which is known for its longevity.

Energy efficiency: It utilises low energy compared to conventional air conditioning systems.

Easy to use: It has a very simple user interface, requiring no technical know how, installation or complicated maintenance practices.

Compact size: It is very compact with a sleek design. Its compact nature makes it easy for this device to be taken to and used anywhere and at any time without interrupting your activities. It also operates noiselessly.

If not for any other reasons, polar cooling is highly recommended for its low energy consumption which helps reduce the cost of electricity bills, no installation Costs, no maintenance costs, it operates on a very simple and easy to understand principle.

Polar Cooling Reviews From Buyer In The United States

Based on Consumer Reports, Several reviews have been received with regards to polar cooling efficiency. Here are few;

“The size of the cooling unit discouraged me because I kept wondering how such a small sized device would be able to instantly cool my space but my doubts were cleared the moment I started using it .. polar cooling topnotch”……Medi

“Since we got polar cooling air cooler my hubby no longer murmurs about electricity bills because with polar cooling we pay less electricity unlike when we were making use of the conventional air conditioner”……Sasha

“Personalised cooling experience all the way, the fact that I can select a cooling rate to suit me at anytime is amazing, when I need a mild weather I just make use of low or medium but when it is extremely hot I make use of high or turbo cooling rate” ……Irene

“The removable water tank is a game changer coupled with its air purification system. I’m loving this device”…..Ann

Polar cooling has attracted tones of positive reviews so far though some people aren’t completely thrilled. Some complain bitterly about its limited Cooling Power, and no remote control.

Does It Worth It?

Well, it all depends on your preference and what you are willing to sacrifice.  Polar cooling is limited in terms of cooling poor.  From experience, it is more like a personal space cooler and works well in dry regions with low humidity. It doesn’t make noise though not Ultra quiet as most people claim. It also offers rapid cooling but don’t expect it to cool your room in seconds. Cooling depends on a lot of factors: the ambient temperature, the humidity level, working environment, cooling space, conditions of water in the tank, and cooling level.

In summary, Polar cooling has been the talk of the town with incredible ratings though this doesn’t mean that it will be your number one choice. Alway do your research and see what is possible with other brands.  Who knows if you will find something better.

Prices And Where To Buy It

Polar Cooling can be gotten from the official website only.

Here are the listed prices at the moment. All prices are in the United States Dollar.

  • One unit cost $89.99
  • Two units costs $84.99
  • Three units costs $66.99
  • Four units costs $74.99
  • Five units costs $69.99

However, the above prices are discounted and are available only for the moment. The manufacturer can remove the discount anytime without notice so always confirm the price on the official website.

Shipping charges if any will be settled at checkout though they are offering free shipping in any part of the United States.

Final Verdict On Polar Cooling Reviews

Well, at this point you can make some decisions or do you need further readings? If yes check out here or can you comfortably say that Polar cooling air cooling and humidifying unit is the first device that should come to your mind when you think of having a comfortable temperature during summer?

Truly, it is another amazing product from amazing people sold ONLY in Amazing Country (The United States). Polar cooling is durable, compact, sleek and portable. Its features are unique and next to none. Its turbo-frost technology and evaporative technology work hand in hand to ensure that you are kept cosy all day. You can use it in your homes, offices and anywhere you can think of because it is very portable and can fit properly into your bags. It uses small energy compared to conventional air conditioners. It helps you save a lot when it comes to electricity bills.

Polar cooling is a product of innovation in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Whether outdoors or indoors, polar cooling portable air cooler promises to Keep you comfortable without accumulating hefty electricity bills. It is a perfect companion for sweltering summer days. It ensures a personal oasis of refreshing air.

In conclusion, polar cooling portable air cooling system is a cutting edge device designed to give immediate relief from the scorching and summer heat. It utilizes a powerful technology known as turbo-frost technology to give a rapid cooling effect. It also features several speed modes which users can pick from for convenience and to suit preference allowing customization of usage. It delivers a refreshing blast of cool air within moments of usage. Inspire of its numerous amazing features, benefits and pros, polar cooling still doesn’t skyrocket your electricity bills but rather helps you save up as its energy consumption level is low.

Say goodbye to bulky stationary air conditioners and hello to a versatile cooling solution that adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking relief from scorching heat or heatwave or want to maintain a comfy temperature in your personal space, the ultimate answer is polar cooling air cooling unit.

Embrace the future of cooling technology and open up to a new level of comfort with polar cooling; where innovation gets a handshake with convo on a daily basis.

While it is so good, its cooling power cannot be compared with conventional air conditioners but it is a perfect addition to any home looking to beat this summer heat. Specifically, it is the best supplementary air cooler that will be recommended this summer though other brands are becoming popular with impressive features.

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If you don’t mind, you can read about the ChillWell 2.0 Air Cooler. We heard that it is another standout brand though we haven’t verified all of its claims.

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